25 Most Common Blogging Myths Busted

July 10, 2018

Similar to every industry the blogging industry also has some myths that some bloggers still believe so today i am going to destroy 35 such common blogging myths that you should not believe from today ans stop worrying about them.

Blogging has gone too far today. Many people are blogging today and that’s why this industry is now so competitive that people look for shortcuts and tips for blogging. But many time they get wrong advise and they generally keep this myth in their mind or they have herd from others that blogging can make you money. So they have some myhts in their mind which needs to be busted. So lets do this.

Here is list of top 35 most common blogging myths that you should not be worrying about

1. Blogging Is Very Easy

Many people still believe that blogging is very easy or a few of them think that earning from internet is very easy. So i tell you this that if you think blogging is so easy that you can start earning money from it by simply creating a blog and printing your money its not like that. Every job and business in the world needs hard work and this blogging business also needs more effort than you think. So don’t think that earning money from your blog is very easy. However i must say at some point when you will be successful in blogging then you will find it very easy to earn but you have to put your effort to get their.

2. Blogging Is Free

No it’s not. I must say blogging is not free. To set up a professional blog you need to buy a domain a web hosting then buy plugins and themes. Which can be a few dollars investment for you. But it’s not free.

However few companies like blogger and other like wix offer you free blogging platform but they have their own limitations. You have to be satisfied with predefined rules and you don’t know when they are going to delete your website if they penalize you. So you lost your website, you lost your data and you lost everything and then you have to start from zero again. So that is why i am saying that blogging is not free.

3. You Need To Be Lucky To Succeed

This is the most funniest one i am writing. I don’t believe people believe this myth. Blogging is not luck. The bloggers out there has not become successful overnight. They have not started earning thousands of dollars overnight. So you should not believe this myth that your luck will decide your blogging career.

4. You Can Easily Make Money Blogging

If you think like this that you just need to setup your blog and start earning passive income. Forget it man, it’s not like that. You cannot start making money in few days. Your blog needs some time to rank on google and your content of blog will decide your earning. If you build a very helpful blog which is helping people out there then you can start thinking about making some money. You can spam your links over internet to earn few bucks but that will remain few bucks only. If you want to earn serious income from your blog then first of all stop thinking it’s easy to earn from your blog. In fact you must try to build a connect and faith in readers for your blog. Give them the value they want and you will rock the internet.

5. You Have To Be a Great Writer To Succeed

Ha Ha, Seriously you think i am Chetan Bhagat writing this blog. Common, i am just a another guy like you who loves blogging and always try to write content for you. Your first few blog posts may be bad but as you keep writing you will improve. If you think you have to be a very awesome writer then you are having a laughable myth about blogging. I must say do not believe in this myth.

6. You Have To Post Every Day

Again a big NO!…Do you see me posting regularly on this blog, no. I post when i feel comfortable. This is the beauty of blogging that you never need to stick to a plan to post your article. You can post anytime you want. When you feel refreshed write some good content and publish it. Its not like youtube that you have to stick to a plan to post regularly.

7. Your Blog Should Be Perfect From The Beginning

Not at all. I have seen many blogs online which have crappy design but still they get awesome amount of traffic because they have really helpful content. Their blog is not perfect not even mine. You have to change you blog design with time according to the need of your visitors.  So just create a blog no matter how it looks. But create good content. Your blog design will improve by time.

8. You Need To Be Tech Expert

Being a tech expert you might have an edge in writing but it does not mean if you are not a tech savvy then you cannot write in that niche. I am also not Elon Musk writing for you. Even i am not a tech expert but still i am writing good content for you but you just need to research more for this that’s it.

9. Blog Visitors Can’t Be Monetized

If you believe i this then i must ask you why?? If you think you can’t monetize blog visitors then please tell me in comment box what will you monetize on your website. If you believe in this because a so called blogger told you this then please understand that guy is preventing you from entering this market. Blog visitors are ultimate monetization source to earn money from your blog.

10. You Can’t Make Any Money Blogging

He He….! Seriously then why are so many people blogging just for fun. NO…!

Passion can be one thing but passion cannot be completed without a good earning source. Well i can say this to you that if have patience and you create a blog that’s really helpful in your niche. Then i can say this that blogging can make you money many times more than you are earning right now from your 9 to 5 job.

11. No One Reads Long Posts

People say  Blog posts 300-700 words are best. That’s can be true for a few niche but if we talk about search engine ranking long form content is ranked by google for a longer required the content is well written. People say nobody reads long content but is simply not true. A person with real interest in the topics will read your full web post no matter how long it is. Such readers will be gold for your blog because they will buy your products if you give them quality content.

12. Your Blog Needs Loads Of Traffic To Be Successful

This is simply incorrect. Your blog does not need tons of traffic to be successful. For earning from ads you might need huge traffic but there are other methods for monetizing your blog. For these methods you don’t need tons of traffic but you simply need relevant traffic which is very niche oriented.

13. If You Blog, People Will Come

Yes you need to blog first but nobody will come to your blog until you market it. You need to tell people through social media that you have a blog which provides good content for its readers and believe me this takes time. This is not going to happen overnight.

14. You Have To Spend Lots Of Money On Your Blog

This is completely not true. However you can spend a few bucks for your blog but you don’t need to spend blindly to take your blog to the top. Money will not decide your blog content. Suppose if you spend $1000 on your blog but they come to website and find out the content is not good so they bounce and this will tell google that this page is not goog for that keyword and you loose your rankings.

15. Blogging Will Soon Die

We are listening this from very beginning when blogging became popular. But still it is one of the best methods to earn a passive income online. So blogging will never end. However people are moving to video now but you can overcome this by simply simply making video content for your blog and embedding that in your blog posts.

16. Too many plugins can ruin a blog

Not at all. But you should use relevant one. Do not use a plugin because some other website is using. Check and analyse your website needs and take the decision accordingly. Personally i have about 15 plugins running on my blog. But i have seen many blogs with many plugins more than 30 even. So this is just a myth.

17. Since there are so many free WordPress themes, you don’t need to pay for one

This is the one i always wanted to talk about. Yes there are many free themes today for your blog but if you remember this statement.

If you are not paying for  product then you are the product

Free themes are even reported to have malware while other good themes also have many limitations in them also. So try to buy a premium theme which will give you future updates and support also.

18. I try to avoid sharing competitor’s blogs so I don’t lose readers

NO….! If you share your competitors content they will share yours. Even if they don’t many people will know you from their content so do share your competitors content if it is great for your audience. Because your ultimate goal is to help the community you made.

19. I can do just fine without social media automation tools

Bullshit…! Its not the case i personally don’t use any social media automation tool. You can do it manually. Yes it will take time and effort so you should give it. You can do it manually too as i am doing.

20. If I can just get one influencer to share my post (and have it go viral), I’ll be golden

Yes, a influencer sharing your content will make a huge impact but required the influencer should be of your niche. Even if he shares your content should be greater than him because only then his audience will respect you. So in my opinion it won’t make much difference. You should focus more on your content.

21. It’s best to start a blog with a free site rather than immediately get your own domain and hosting

You can start from free hosting as i did in past(for learning) but if you can invest do invest in a premium host. Because in a shared hosting if somebody is abusing google on that server then your website will also be penalized and all other websites sharing that server. If you are serious about your website go for a premium hosting account. You can buy one from hostinger from our link to help us. http://www.codestein.in/hostinger

22. The number of comments gives me a pulse on my readers

Let me tell you a simple thing about comments. when you will write your blog many spam comments and comments for just a backlink will come to your post. So it won’t make much difference with such irrelevant comments on your blog.

24. Putting my link in the comments on Facebook will help more people see it

This way comes in spamming. If you do this then your domain spam score will increase and you will face heavy penalizing from google. So my recommendation is to avoid this simply. Don’t spam other peoples comment box with your link in fact you should create your own facebook page with name of your website and share your links there.

25. It makes no sense to pay something to help me with my blog when I haven’t monetized it yet

You are saying just like you want to start a shop but don’t want to spend your money to buy goods. Please understand this you are setting up your business. So you should not hesitate to invest if you have a crazy will of blogging online. If you have thought to make money from your website first you need to invest some amount to make it buttery smooth.

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