Aadhar Payment App Download Benefits and Uses | Aadhar Payment App Download Benefits Use

Aadhar Payment App Download Benefits and Uses Aadhar Payment App Download Benefits in hindi

Prime Minister Narendra Modi is using the digital platform more and more to bring transparency in the country’s system. During this, he has announced that the government is soon going to start a new digital facility for making payments. The reason behind its introduction is to make banking facility easy for the people and to bring such facility which can be understood and used by even less educated people. Aadhar Pay will work on the basis of an Aadhar linked account, so that all types of transactions can be done with just the help of thumb. 

What is Aadhar Payment App and its benefits and uses (Aadhar Payment merchant app Benefits and Use in hindi)

The Government of India is about to start a facility called ‘Aadhaar Pay’ for the traders of the country. Representatives of at least 20 banks are said to be involved during the launch of this facility. The government had invented the BHIM application before its demonetisation policy, with the help of which customers could pay the amount. After this the government is going to start the Aadhaar app again. Aadhaar Pay is the easiest and cheapest mode of payment. These facilities are for common citizens, which can be availed by any person. Also, the biggest feature of this facility is that people do not need any kind of phone for this. The government is busy in taking this facility from city to village. A huge population of the country is going to adopt this facility. The government has issued an application for this. This feature is being described below one by one.

Launch of Ambedkar Day (Aadhar Payment app launch date)

Prime Minister Modi has announced to start this facility from April 14 on the birthday of Babasaheb Bhimrao Ambedkar. The Economic Minister of India has warned all the economic institutions that they should get ready for the Aadhaar Pay system as soon as possible. Keeping this in mind this month, IDBI Bank became the first institution to implement this facility in its system. 

Prior to this policy, the Prime Minister had started the Bharat Interface for Money (BHIM) app, which the Prime Minister said that he should connect the less educated citizens of the country and even the thumb impression people with his campaign of Digital India. want. But now this thumb impression will become the way of a person’s bank, introduction and even business. The Prime Minister has also asked the banks under the state governments to be ready for this campaign. According to the government, about 5 lakh traders are going to implement this platform in the next two weeks. 

Aadhar Payment App Platform

Aadhaar Pay will work like other popular digital pay like Paytm, PhonePe or FreeCharge, but Aadhaar is easier than these methods as it does not require the customer to use his mobile number. With the help of this, even a person who does not have any special application in the smartphone or phone will be able to make the payment. Below are some special things related to this.

  • For this system to work, it is enough to have a smartphone with the shopkeeper or merchant. The customer has to enter his/her fingerprint on the Aadhaar Pay application located on the merchant’s smartphone. With the help of finger print, the transaction can be done very easily.
  • With the help of Aadhaar, this application will facilitate payment from the account which is linked with Aadhaar. This will not require the customer to pay any extra charges.
  • The government has asked state-run banks to not exceed Rs 100 per month for PoS terminals. Biometric PoS machine cost in India is Rs.2000. P2P transaction will not be possible with the help of Aadhaar Pay as Finger Print Scanner is required for Biometric Authentication.
  • According to the data of the immediate government, till February 2017, 98 percent or 108 crore adult people in India have been given Aadhar cards.

What is aadhar pay application (Aadhar Pay merchant app)

Many payment applications have come under the digital facility in the market, such as Paytm, FreeCharge, PhonePe and many other types of mobile wallets have been used for digital payments. But it is mainly used by a special section, who is educated, wealthy and running a smart phone, only that is able to do it. Aadhaar Pay application is such a facility that the customer does not need to have a phone to use it. The person to whom the customer wants to pay the money, and only he will need to have a smart phone and this application. At the time of registration of Aadhar card, people had to provide their biometric details like finger print and retina scan. The Aadhaar Pay app uses this biometric detail. At the time of Aadhaar Pay payment, the customer has to enter his/her finger print to complete the payment.

Benefits of Aadhaar Payment Application                                     

Any scheme of the government is meant to make the life of the people easy. The government also wants to implement this facility with the same objective, so that people of all types and sections can be brought under the digital platform. This application will facilitate both the customer and the merchant to do business. Below are the benefits of using Aadhaar Pay Application

  • There is no need for any kind of technical item to the customer availing this facility. The customer should be registered for Aadhaar only.
  • The government has kept its use free from any additional duty or tax, so the customer will not have to pay service tax or VAT for the use of Aadhaar Pay application.
  • For Aadhaar Pay, the customer does not need to remember any debit card, credit card or any kind of PIN.
  • Using this, the payment is done very soon. This application uses the Aadhaar linked bank account with the fingerprint found for the payment to be made.

Aadhaar Payment Application Download (Aadhar Pay app download)

The government has formally created an Aadhaar Payment Application website for Aadhaar Pay, from where it can be downloaded. This website is: https://aadharpaymentapp.org/ . Apart from this, after its launch, it can also be downloaded from Google Play. This application is available for all Android and iOS users. Using this, the merchant will avoid paying tax for MasterCard or Visa usage. Below are the necessary steps for this.

  • First of all download ‘Aadhaar Payment Application’ from Google Play Store. This application is available for free on play store.
  • By clicking on the application read and agree to all the terms and conditions given there.
  • After this, the application will be downloaded in some time with the help of internet. Once downloaded, install the application.
  • The correct link to download this application will be available after the launch of this application. The launch of this application has been fixed on 14th April i.e. today.

How to Install Biometric Reader (Biometric Reader for Aaadhar Payment)

  • Once the ‘Aadhaar Payment Application’ is downloaded, link it with the biometric machine located in your shop or store.
  • For this engagement, you are required to provide some necessary details in the application.
  • After this, submit all the details of the bank that you use for your business. It is mandatory to link this bank account with Aadhar card.

Required details for Aadhaar Pay (Aadhar Payment app information)

Although Aadhaar Pay does not require any special electronic machine, some essential information is required to be provided for the use of this application. The customer needs to remember at least his Aadhaar number. It is mandatory for the customer to keep his finger clean while giving the fingerprint. Some essential information is being mentioned below.

  • Required customer information :
  • Aadhar card number of the customer
  • All the details of a bank account to which the user’s Aadhar card is attached
  • Merchant Required Information : Merchant requires some additional features to use it.
  • a great smartphone
  • a good internet
  • aadhar payment application
  • finger print scanner
  • Aadhar linked bank account

Aadhar Payment app operating system       

  • For this, merchants need to keep a finger print on the Aadhaar Pay application as well as at their shop. This fingerprint is attached to the smartphone via a USB at the time of payment. The price of the scanner starts from Rs.2000.
  • At the time of payment, the customer has to provide his Aadhaar number and fingerprint.
  • On giving the Aadhaar number in the Aadhaar Pay app, all the bank accounts linked to Aadhaar are visible in the application. The customer gets a chance to choose the bank account from these accounts as per his wish. This option will come only if the customer has more than one bank account linked to Aadhaar.
  • The customer has to place his finger on the fingerprint scanner. This finger print acts as a PIN, with the help of which the customer is able to use his bank account for payment.
  • After this, the application tries to match this fingerprint with the fingerprint of the customer already entered in the Aadhaar database. Once the match is done, a ‘Go Ahead’ message comes from NCPI.
  • NCPI then carries out the work of sending money from one account to another and the process of payment is completed.

Aadhar Payment app disadvantages

Some limitations of Aadhaar Pay are also being seen, some of its limits are given below.

  • Aadhar Pay application although on the one hand is providing a lot of facilities for the customer, but on the other hand it has also become a reason for additional expenses for the merchants. Merchants additionally need to buy a finger print scanner. However, it is a one-time purchase and is also cheaper than a POS machine.
  • It could not be used for payment from one person to another. Because all the information of the merchant’s bank is already entered in this app and for this finger print scanner is required.
  • This is an online application, so internet is required for this. Internet is also like an additional expense for the merchant. Despite this, it cannot be used in such places where there is a network problem. In case of internet problem, this system will not work from any side.

Difference between UPI and Aadhar payment app

The comparison between the Aadhaar payment application and other UPI applications is natural. Because both of them give the facility of online payment. The working of both these apps is also almost the same. According to the situation, both these apps have special importance in their own place. For example, UPI is the best option for fund transfer and does not require any fingerprint scanner. On the other hand, Aadhar Pay is going to be a great option at any shop because it does not require any card. This saves time and additional charges.

Aadhar Payment app options

Features like debit and credit cards emerged for the cashless economy, but various banks issuing it charge extra for this. Also, additional service tax has to be paid at the time of its use. MasterCard and Visa charge 2 to 3 percent of the amount for this. Therefore, many people avoid using debit or credit cards to avoid this extra charge and use the card only when absolutely necessary. Therefore, Aadhaar payment can play a very important role in bringing cashless economy in the country. Because the customer or merchant does not need to pay any additional fee for its use, so it is believed that more and more people will adopt it.

Government Announcement on Aadhar Payment App

According to Sakar, about 40 crore people in the country have got their Aadhaar attached to their bank accounts. This figure is about 50% of the entire adult population of the country. In this way a large number of people are ready to use it. Also, many people have got Aadhaar, they will also get their bank account attached to Aadhaar as soon as possible. With its use, there is a lot of possibility of bringing transparency in the system and reducing corruption.  

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