BGMI Unban Date: Is The BGMI Unban Still Possible? What We Know So Far..!

Looking for BGMI Unban date….?

The Government of India again banned India’s Most Played Game i.e. BGMI, aka Battlegrounds Mobile India, on July 28, 2022.

The game technically is not a ban as the players are still able to play the game in their mobile who already have the game installed, however it has been removed from the google play store and Apple app store

So you might be searching for BGMI unban date on youtube, right…!

Well let me tell you all the videos made till date regarding the unban are fake and intended for the purpose of getting views only.

Every One Of These Videos Are FAKE & Clickbait

So guys don’t believe in such rumor’s, Definitely the game might come back again or may be not but it will surely take months to be back in the play stores

Why BGMI Got Banned

The question is why BGMI got banned. Is it really banned or the developer took the app down

Let’s find out what we know so far from the official statements by krafton

Acc. to the officials

Dear Patron of BGMI, we are committed to the Indian market and are positive about the opportunities in the country. At KRAFTON Inc., the security and privacy of our user data is of utmost importance to us. We have always been compliant with all laws and regulations in India, including data protection laws and regulations, and will continue abiding by them

Krafton India CEO Sean Hyunil Sohn

According to the statement issued the major issue with the game was data security, and a few sources on the internet also claimed that independent researcher notified government of BGMI having malware which is communicating with the Chinese servers

Well all the BGMI community hope to bring back the game to country but not on the cost of national security

BGMI Unban Date

There is no clear communication from the officials regarding the unban of BGMI, so may take 4 to 5 months again to relaunch the game in the market.

BGMI Unban might be possible upto the month of November 2022

It is evident that Krafton would not simply want to lose such a big market of India where the viewers and playerbase of BGMI is much higher than any other region.

You can click this link to check if the game has arrived in play store or not

So Krafton will do its best to bring back the game in the market. You just have to be patient regarding it

Youtubers and Big Creators Creating Hype

You might have see that the big BGMI creators often keep posting hints regarding the BGMI unban date

Let me tell you all of them are lies or they are based on speculations. In fact most of these creators are BGMI partnerss

So their main aim is to create hype regarding the game as it is already losing ground after the first ban in India. The player base has significantly reduced

So to keep the fan base engaging the BGMI partners are instructed to keep the audience engaged

So most of these statements are fake and are made to gain views or keep audience engaged in the game

Final Thoughts

So in general my thought is that the BGMI is not coming this soon in the market, yes there are chances for the return of the game but not now

So I request you guys not to waste your precious time in watching those useless unban videos on the internet

You can focus on other skills or if you want to be a esports athlete then its a golden chance for you to keep grinding and bounce back just like the TeamXO players did in the previous unban period

This is all regarding the unban. If uou need something added in the post ping me on instagram @codestein

I would love to cover new information

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