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Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI ) 1.5 Update (BGMI 1.5 APK OBB Download)


So BGMI has been officially launched on the play store and after the streamers battle and the dominating win by TeamINDSnax, Krafton is finally ready to take the next step

Most of us were waiting for the next update i.e 1.5 update. Everyone was excited about the Tesla Model Update but it seems like now everyone is more excited about significant gameplay changes in this update

Most streamers also seem to be very excited about this update. We will talk about each and every update one by one below

BGMI Patch Notes

The above Video Shows You Everything Included In The New Update

BGMI patch 1.5 is here with a lot of new features. This includes modes, weapons, vehicles, and more.

BGMI 1.5 Beta – Patch notes

TS Mode is the main highlight of the latest BGMI Mobile beta update and here are the complete details regarding it:

Erangel Transit System

  • A high-tech levitational line for trans-island travel.

Anti-Gravity Motorcycle

  • A high-tech motorcycle that utilizes levitation technology. Can hover above the ground and water at low altitude.

Prior Air Summoning Device

  • Prior Air Summoning Device can be used in urban areas to summon a Prior Air drone for an airdrop.


  • Special equipment that makes it easier to spot distant enemies and mark them quickly.

Air Conveyor Launcher

  • Air Conveyor Launchers can be found around some urban areas. Control the direction and launch it into the sky for long-range transfers or sudden strikes.

Patrol and Protection Robot

  • Special robotic dogs can be found in some urban areas. By activating these robotic dogs, you can quickly scan the entire urban area for high-quality combat supplies!

New MG3 Light Machine Gun

  • Using 7.62mm Ammo, this weapon features a unique firing mode, and its rate of fire can be flexibly adjusted to 660 or 990 rounds per minute, allowing for both stable continuous shooting and rapid strafing.
  • Only spawns in Air Drops

Throwables & Consumables

New Throwable and Consumable wheels have been added to make it easier to use Throwables/Consumables:

  • Swipe the Consumable/Throwable icon to open the wheel and switch or use items.
  • You can enable the Quick Throw feature in the settings menu. After enabling it, hold the Throwable icon to use Quick Throw.
  • You can enable the Quick Wheel Throw feature in the settings menu. After enabling it, swipe the wheel, and after briefly select the target Throwable to use a Quick Throw.

Victory Statue

After claiming victory, you can summon a statue to celebrate:

  • The winning team’s MVP can summon a Victory Statue to a specified location.
  • Special celebration Emotes can be used near the Victory Statue.

Victory Snaps

New Winning-Moment Photo Function:

  • After winning in classic mode, you can enter Photo Mode.
  • You can choose to hide or display teammate information in Photo Mode.
  • After you finish taking your photos, you can share them!

Remaining Ammo Indicator

Whenever a magazine is almost empty, the number indicating your remaining ammo will change colour:

  • When you have 25% ammo remaining, the number will turn yellow.
  • When you have 10% ammo remaining, the number will turn red


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