Blog Description – 12 Proven Tips To Master For A Perfect Blog Description

So why are you searching for Blog Description Examples. Hm.? So let me guess…….!

Your blog is not ranking right? Because there there are so many technical hings you need to focus on when you are starting out.

All bloggers go extreme technical about how to do SEO and stuff but they usually forget about Blog Descriptions.

Blog Descriptions are extremely important for your website traffic and SEO strategy. You may not treat blog descriptions as much important you should.

That’s why i am writing this web post today including a complete guide for you to write a perfect blog description.

Title and blog description are two main keys of your SEO approach and these are the first two things that a viewers sees in the SERP result.

So we must improve our first impression that’s why we are going to use a number of studies in this blog post to create a ideal blog description template.

So, What is Blog Description ?

Blog description is small piece of small text or excerpt which appears in the SERP after the title of page or post explaining about the search intent of the post in just 160 characters.

When i started my blog and optimized my blog increased my CTR rate by …..%

Blog Stats After Implementation

In this blog post i will teach you how you can write a perfect blog description and and boost your search engine rankings just like i did on my blog.

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In general there are two major types of blog descriptions :-

1. Blog Description :- It is the description of your homepage appearing just below the URL of your site in the SERP

Blog Description

2. Post Description :- This is the description of your individual posts appearing below the post link in SERP

Post Description

Let me tell you if you follow the blueprint shown in this blog post, you will be dominating the rankings.

And that’s without off page SEO. I am personally not a big fan of off page SEO. I believe in quality content and its dominance 🙂

How To Write Title And Blog Description

Writing a blog post title can be bit different for everyone as you using different SEO plugins. I use rank math SEO which is the best in the industry. So here is how you do it in Rank Math SEO

First go to the Rank Math Tab on you left panel and click on “Titles and Meta

Now in the Tab ” Homepage Mets Description box you can put in your blog description that you want to set.

If you are using Yoast then you can look for SEO tab on left and click Titles and Meta

Things to remember when setting up blog metadescription

  • Use the target keyword
  • Take care of search intent
  • Keep it short
  • Introduce your brand
  • Tell them what is your expertise
  • Add social proof of your expertise
  • Explain your vision
  • Showcase your authority and legitimacy
  • Introduce benefit of product benefit if you are product based website
  • Use power words in your description

Blog Description In Search Result

This is how your blog description appear in search result. I have used example from Search Engine Journal. They publish regular research material regarding SEO

blog description
Search appearance Of Search Engine Journal

You can see the description is short precise and inludes the keywords Search Engine Journal in url, title, and blog description

This is good blog description because:

  • Exactly tells visitors what your blog is about
  • Making visitor click on the link
  • Short and to the point
  • Includes the keyword

You see links below it they are google auto generated and depends mainly upon your website structure and mainly behavior of users on your website

The keywords if you search for in google if present in your blog description then it gets bolded in the search result.

You can see this here when i searched for backlinko on google.

Text Backlinko Became Bold When Searched on Google As Keyword

Google’s Auto Generated Metadescription

If you do not write a custom blog description for our website ten google will automatically pulls some text from your page and add it as the metadescription.

You might think thats great….but no it not….!

After so many years of research googles algorithm still does it like a 2 year old.

Autogenerated meta tags are stupid and ugly. So always use custom meta tags.

Googles Ugly Auto Generated Post Description

Why is this bad?

  • Does not matches searcher’s intent
  • Low CPC
  • Loosing traffic

Blog Description Examples

How To Write A Perfect Blog Description

So now lets talk about how to write a perfect blog description. If you master the technique of writing good blog description then it would be very difficult for your competitors to beat you in rankings.

So for this i am going to give you some key points which you need t remember before writing your blog description.

You can use a very popular SEO plugin for this like Rank Math. This plugin helps you setup your blog and post descriptions quickly.

Go to metdescription to setup this a just one click.

Enter Your Description Here
Note :- You should define the user intent in the blog description and tell user what the can expect fro m the blog post in a nutshell.

I think you already know how to write blog descriptions. But not doing it the right way.

What if i tell you that there are two types of blog descriptions based on length.

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Tips to write a perfect blog description that converts

Here are some of the top tips that you need to consider before writing your blog description.

  1. Use Your Main Keyword :- You should use your main keyword into the blog description which makes sense and fulfills the searchers intent. Avoid keyword stuffing
  2. Maximum 160 Words :- You should not use more than 160 characters. Try to explain about your blog in short and precise manner
  3. Add Call To Action :- You can also add a call to action which makes user to click on your link more often
  4. Use of Power Words :- Power words are extremely important for increasing your CTR. So use at least 1 power word in your blog description.
  5. Be Unique And Creative :- Do not get influenced by a blogger to copy and write your own blog description. Take your time and be unique in writing your blog description
  6. Talk with Readers :- Not actually but you should use words like i or we which makes it look like you are talking to the reader.
  7. Use LSI Keywords :- Use of LSI is a trend no so you should also use this technique also to rank on these keywords also. Afetr i used LSI keywords gave me a 43% boost in my traffic.
  8. Don’t Overlap Your Description :- You should not overlap means don’t use same description on multiple pages of your blog.
  9. Avoid Blog Description Generator :- You should avoid blog description generator because they have only one template used by many bloggers which makes you look like a copycat
  10. Provide Value :- Google rankings today are all abut providing value. So be original and provide value to your visitors.
  11. Write in active voice (Grammer Tip) as it it easy to read and understand
  12. Use initial character to tell viewer the intent of the web post

Why Is Blog Description So Important

Earlier blog metadescriptions used to be a direct ranking factor but now it not but still they are very useful.

Blog Metadescriptions Are Not A Direct Ranking Factor In Google

Google, 2009

Google in 2009 announced that blog metdescritions will no longer be a direct ranking factor for your website.

But still blog metadescriptions are way more important

  1. Convincing people to click on your link increasing CTR which is a direct ranking factor. So metadescriptions are now a indirect ranking factor
  2. Increases traffic to website as your CTR grows

How long should your meta description be?

I get asked this question a lot. Let me tell you there are 2 types of blog post length.

160 & 320 words. In december 2017 google increased the limit f blog post descriptions to 320 characters.

Everyone in the SEO industry got excited and started increasing there metadescription lengths.

Here is what google said about it after that –

Don’t Focus On Numbers

Google Own Generated meta descriptions

You should keep it in your mind that google may not always displays your custom meta description always.

As google generates its own version of meta description and uses that in the search result.

Self Generated Google Meta Description

Research Study :- According to a Moz analysis, only 35.9% of original meta description tags are displayed “as is” in Google search

This Moz study, examined about 70,059 original meta description examples, and discovered that:

  • In 15.4% of cases, Google used the original meta description tag but added some text.
  • In 51.3% of cases, the display snippet perfectly matched the meta description tag or fully contained it.
  • In 3.2% of cases, the display snippet used a truncated version of the meta description tag with an ellipsis on the end.

Conclusion Of Research Study :- The conclusion of the study was that gogole uses either all or some part of your meta description in just 55% cases.

How To Use Your Keyword In Blog Posts

So this is also extremely important as you use your keyword in your blogs metadescription.

Try to add your main keyword to the start of the blog description accompanied by LSI, and long tail keyword.

Adding keywords to metadescription is a relevancy signal to google.

But you should keep in mind that the language should make sense otherwise google may treat it as keyword stuffing and for such type google usually ignores it.

According To A Study – Words in your Title or meta description in the head start towards left have more significant value than words on the right or last.

MOZ Study

How To Add Description In Blogger

Many of bloggers still use for blogging. Maybe because they don;t have much money to invest.

Blogger platform is limited so many of you don’t know how to add blog description into your blog.

1. For this you need to go to and click on settings.

How To Add Blog Description To Blogger

2. Go to Search Preferences > Description > Click Yes On Enable Search Description

In this way you can add your blog description to blogger also.

What is Blog Description?

A blog description is simply a small excerpt of your blog post or blog page explaining the search intent of blog in just 160 characters. It appears below link In the SERP

What is Blog Post Description?

Its is exactly similar concept to blog description but is used in different blog posts rather than your homepage.

What is a Meta description tag?

Meta description tag is the tag used in backend coding of the html to enter your blog description into the code.

Why is it important to write a custom meta description?

However metadescriptions are no longer a direct ranking factor now but it does help increase in our CTR which is a direct ranking factor. So Meta description is a indirect ranking factor for your SERP

How long it takes for my meta description to show up on Google?

It may takes few hours to few days. Google automatically crawls the page in few days so the blog description.

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