How To SEO Your Website For Free

How To SEO Your Website For Free

SEO is a way to optimize your website to rank higher on the search engines ranking. There are many tools in market which just make you fool take your money and gives you nothing. But if you have right advise and if you know  which tools to use then you can do SEO of your website without spending even a dollar and still beat top players like Backlinko and Neil Patel. This is how they did it and now you will also do.

What Is SEO?

SEO is simply optimizing your website to rank higher in searches. SEO stands for “Search Engine Optimization”. So it is a way to get more traffic by reaching out to maximum people you can.

Today I will show you how to do that for free!

We will consider few steps on this –

  1. First Make your website ready. (Have a stable and good-looking website, if you want to make a blog then make it in subdirectory not in subdomain)
  2. Audit your website using some free tools (Use only free one. Don’t go crazy for this. You just need to fix errors)
  3. Post Valuable content on your website (Don’t copy and o at least 20 posts before starting SEO tips I am giving you here)
  4. Submit Your website for crawling in google search console.
  5. Keyword researching for your blog posts (Use only free tools that I will show you don’t spend $100 a month. I will give links to free software and some web tools also.)
  6. Backlinking your Blog posts and website (Mostly backlink to your blog posts more than website URL or in simple words do it 50|50)
  7. Make Social signals to your posts and websites.
  8. Write Consistently (Wait for few Days for ranking to appear)


  1. First Make your website ready

First you make sure that your website is complete and ready for next steps. If not then then first make your complete website and try to do it with calm. Do not hurry up to publish your website. Take your time to make your dream website and believe me it takes a lot of time if you really want to make your blog go for a long run. Do not care about this step if you are an event blogger.


Also, if you have a website and want to make a blog where you want to post your articles then always make your blog in a subdirectory not on a subdomain. Here is the reason why?

  • When we make a subdomain then google or any other search engine knows it’s a part of primary domain but does not consider the authority or backlinks of your primary domain for ranking your articles on the subdomain. Technically google considers a subdomain a new website so you have to make separate backlinks for your subdomain website and start with zero again.
  • But it you make your bog in a subdirectory then your backlinks of primary domain also verifies authority of your blog and you don’t have to make separate backlinks for your blog. All backlinks will be counted for your website. But in subdomain the backlinks for subdomain and primary domain are counted separately. So you have audit your primary and subdomain which will increase your work by 2 times.
  1. Audit your website using some free tools

There are many free tools available online but I am going to give you the most trusted ones here.

  • Go to and on the first page do a simple check of your website by putting you URL and then click on continue



  • It will give you analysed data about your website and then fix the errors and SEO recommendations it gives to you.

  • You can also go to and create a free account (don’t go for paid account) and go to projects and enter your website address and do audit for your website. It offers your website audit, social media audit, rank tracker and backlink audit(most important).

  • I highly recommend o use these free tools. You can also check on internet but as I said don’t go crazy for this. You just need to fix the errors.
  1. Post valuable content on your website

This step is most important if you don’t have valuable content on your website nobody will be interested in your website and SEO is of no use then. So before going to next steps post about 20 articles minimum on your website. And if you don’t want to do that I don’t know why you want to audit a empty website or a website with 1 post.

Write your own articles because google also checks for duplicate contents online. Make sure you write your own articles in your own and simple language. Don’t write Barak Obama and Narendra Modi English there. Keep it simple to understand for viewers. Everybody is not Sashi Tharoor here. Keep your language to the point and simple.

  1. Submitting your website to google search console

Now is the final step to submit y our website to the search engines. You can also use online bulk search engine submitting software but  I recommend to use that for small search engines only. For Google, Yahoo, Bing, MSN etc do this step manually by going to the search console and submit your website for crawling. Do remember to add a sitemap and robot.txt file in your website which makes it easier for search engines to crawl your website.

Go to and submit your website manually.


  1. Keyword Researching for blog posts

For keyword researching you can use free tools available in market like


Now use your own skills where and what to write a blog and which keyword can get more searches


  1. Making backlinks for your blogposts

Always try to make backlinks for your blog posts, you can also make on primary domain but if your article is ranked our domain will also automatically ranked with it. There are many methods to get backlinks for your posts.

  • Go to others blog like and make comments by giving your post URL there. You got a PR1 Backlink
  • Personally, I don’t like PR1 backlinks. I just make a PR8 backlink from Samsung to my every post and that’s it. That 1 backlink will worth thousands of backlinks.


To get a backlink from Samsung go to

And sign up for a free account.

After making your account and verifying it go back to then go to community tab and click on open talk. Click on any of open threads and reply to any thread by giving your post URL. Congrats you just got a PR8 backlink which is equal to 100000 PR1 backlinks. Here is the proof of creating backlinks from Samsung.


If you have created some backlinks from some cheap resources then don’t keep them on your website just delete them from the delete button on right side because any toxic backlink will affect your ranking. In simple words keep backlink colour on right side green and if it is red go delete that link now.


  1. Social media shares

Share your posts on social media and create social threads you will get. Today they are the key to get ranked on google and other search platforms. Post in open community groups of your niche.

  1. Be regular to write content

If you really want to grow write your high value consistently that’s it. There is no short cut for this step. I hope you like this article then do share it because sharing and teaching is my passion.



Be Safe Buy Safe

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