Crypto Batter: Call Details Or SCAM [Viral Video Fact Check]

Any website like crypto batter claiming to provide call details or free internet is a complete scam, and they are trying to make money off the ads or get your personal information like mobile numbers.

With the increased influence of the internet in India, many viral videos are trending online that promise to provide you with free data, call details or fake body scanner apps.

In this article, we will discuss these viral videos claiming to provide you free call details history. We will also show why these websites are spreading fake information, and how can you save your personal data from these websites?

What’s the Claim In Viral Video?

You might have come across this post via one of these videos or something similar.

Fake YT Video 1
Fake YT Video 2
Fake YT Video 3

You may be surprised to know that all these videos on different channels about crypto batter are created by a single person, distributed over multiple platforms.

Multiple websites are promoting this scam by redirecting users from YouTube videos to multiple websites like,,, (All these websites are fake they do not provide any call details. More into this below.)

How Does Crypto Batter Scam Work?

Every one of these viral videos suggests you to follow a few steps, and this whole system works similarly.

The websites have caught serious attraction from people who are curious to know call history of other people.

The process on all of these websites is simple:

  1. Visit,, by searching from Google.
  2. Enter Your Phone Number: Now they will ask you to provide your carrier info and your phone number.
  3. Call Details Access: The videos claim you to provide call details or free recharge.

If you look closely, in the video when they show you proof of call history there is a cut and the call history shown in the video is fake.

Why You Should Not Provide Personal Details To These Websites

You should not provide your personal information because of the following reasons.

  1. Spam Calls: These websites often record users personal information and sell them to spammers for potential frauds.
  2. Security: You should not install any APK softwares suggested by these websites because it can lead to malware issues on your devices.
  3. Impossible Claims: The claims these websites make to provide you call details, body scanner apps and free data recharge are out of the scope of these cheap WordPress websites. No website can provide you call details of any number.
  4. Multiple Redirects: When you visit these websites, you will be redirected to multiple websites, which is a common tactic by scam websites to generate ad revenue from your clicks.

The Bottom Line

After I saw these fake videos spreading online, I immediately knew this was a scam and many websites are using these techniques to scam people.

Please let me know in the comments section if you are a victim of this scam. If you have faced any difficulty, I would love to help you out.

Until them say no to SPAM. Share this article with everyone to spread AWARENESS.

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