Crypto Pur .in Free Recharge: Reality Of The Viral Video?

Every day a new viral video emerges on the internet and recently a new video by the cryptopur .in is going viral online that claims to provide you a free recharge by just visiting their website.

In this article, we’ll do a complete analysis of the video and find out if this is legit or just another scam on the internet.

The video above is going viral on the internet, claiming to provide free recharge to everyone by visiting their website.

Many videos like this claim to offer free recharge. We tried to investigate this offer and here is what we found.

Initial Impression

When I came across this video online, I immediately had an impression that this video was fake and trying to scam people by referring them to their website to get ad clicks on the website.

My intuition was correct and indeed the video is completely fake and redirects users to different websites to capture ad clicks.

How Claims to Work

Crypro pur .in offers to work in just a few simple steps.

4 Simple Steps to Free Recharge?

As the viral video shows, to get a free recharge you need to follow a few steps:

  1. Step #1: Go to (By Searching On Google)
  2. Step #2: Enter Your Mobile Number
  3. Step #3: Select A Recharge Plan You Would Like To Get
  4. Step #4: Click on Recharge Now

We performed all the steps, but the website redirected us to another website which was also a similar kind of scam.

The Reality Behind The Viral Video By

Our research has found that the video circulating on the internet about free mobile recharge is completely fake, and the website does not provide any kind of free recharge. When we followed the steps mentioned in the video, the websites redirected us to multiple scams similar to

Fake Recharge Promises

The website provides fake recharge promises, and the website does not provide any free recharge. Instead of getting any free recharge, you will be redirected to multiple scams like this on different websites.

Ads Click Fraud

Our research has found that the website is an ads click fraud website where they promise bizarre offers like free mobile recharge and, for the sake of it, redirect users to multiple websites owned by them.

Expert Opinions

What experts say about such websites?

Cybersecurity experts have confirmed that the websites in question are simple WordPress websites, and they don’t have technical capabilities to do mobile recharges. They have warned users not to provide any personal info like your mobile no. or OTP to any of these websites.

The Bottom Line

This is all regarding the website and the viral video that claims to provide free recharge.

It is advised not to believe anything you see on the internet. Nothing is free.

Please let me know why did you even believe that you can get a free recharge with Please let me know in the comment section.

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