Delete Your Facebook Data Without Deleting Your Facebook Account

June 14, 2018

So you want to delete all your facebook data without deleting your facebook account stored on their server but you cannot find a way how to delete it. Well facebook does not make it easy for you to delete that but don’t worry we will give you a free an quick solution to do that. We all know the Cambridge analytica scam of facebook where a high volume of facebook data was exposed to the data mining companies. I personally always be very concerned about my online data so are you that is why you are here. So here is the solution you need to consider to delete your facebook data without deleting your facebook account.

The process of deleting your data from facebook should be done in following steps. Stick with this article and at end of this article i will show you to delete your twitter tweets in a single click also. so here are steps to delete your facebook data –

  1. Delete facebook posts
  2. Delete facebook photos
  3. Deleting only individual photos only
  4. Untag yourself from all faebook post

1. Delete facebook posts

To delete all your facebook posts you need to install a chrome extension called Social Book Post Manager download this chrome extension and then follow following steps.

a.) Go to and login with your id

b.) Click settings > activity log

c.) Now click the extension icon on top right corner that you just downloaded.

d.) Select year month according to your choice for which you want to delete data. Select all to delete all your data

e.) Click done

Yeah you just deleted all your facebook posts and all your activities from facebook but this is not done yet.

2. Delete your facebook photos

To delete your facebook photos follow the following steps

a.) Go to your Photos page and click on Albums.

b.) Go to the album you want to delete

c.) Click the gear on the top right and select Delete Album d.)

d.) Click to confirm

3. Delete individual photos only

To delete only a few photos follow the following steps.

a.) Go to your photos page

b.) Click the photo to open

c.) Click Options on the menu bar below the photo

d.) Select Delete This Photo and click Delete

4. Untag yourself from all posts

Follow these steps to untag yourself from all facebook posts

a.) Go to your activity log, then click Photos and Videos (under Filters on the left) then choose Photos You’re Tagged In

b.) Click to check the box to the left of the posts you’d like to remove a tag from

c.) Click Report/Remove Tags at the top of the page

d.) Click Untag Photos to confirm

5. Still left with something

If you are still left with something simply delete your facebook account and make a new one.


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