Do Smart TVs Have Bluetooth? (You Must Read This Before Buying!)

Smart TV’s concept is revolutionary as it was meant to be the main central entertainment hub of your house. But a lot of cable management was just not what It was called “SMART”

Engineers overcome this with Bluetooth connectivity and with time a lot of home appliances also were connected to each other with the help of Bluetooth.

Do Smart TVs have Bluetooth?

If your Tv’s is bundled with a smart remote which is used to pair it with Bluetooth then it is evident that your smart TV is Bluetooth supported otherwise it is not.

No, all Smart TVs do not come with Bluetooth. Only flagship models of smart TV’s are equipped with this feature. But today very low end cheap smart tv models also come with Bluetooth connectivity because of excessive competition in the industry.

With the Smart TV industry going more competitive smart TV’s with small price tag also have the same functionality

Do LG Smart TVs Have Bluetooth?

LG has Bluetooth connectivity feature in their flagship versions mostly. It comes with a magic remote which merges control of different devices into a single remote

Keep in mind that the magic remote is actually sold separately from the tv mostly but it is also bundled with the high end models

Do Samsung Smart TVs Have Bluetooth?

Bluetooth feature in Samsung smart TVs is pretty basic right now and you can actually get Bluetooth connectivity features with lower-end models also.

So with lower-end model it might be included but it is still better to check the specs sheet before buying one.

Do Vizio Smart TVs Have Bluetooth?

Vizio smart tv only have Bluetooth LE (Light Energy)

So your mobile device can also act as a remote control to your smart TV

Do Sony Smart TVs Have Bluetooth?

Sony provides Bluetooth connectivity support to only the high end models nd they generally tend to cut down cost by removing pretty basic features from the TV

Note:- Some smart Tv’s say Bluetooth supported but actually you need to connect an adapter to make it work. Read the specs sheet properly and look for built-in Bluetooth support.

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