Earnings And Analytics Report

Here Is Our Websites Earnings Report

This web page is weekly updated with all content related to our website and our weekly growth report and monthly earnings report.

June 2017 –

Domain Age Before I Made My Blog (Purchased By Myself For First Time No Expired Domain Purchase)

I purchased the domain codestein.in just for fun and hosting simple html pages on free hosts to show off to my friends. Then the domain was a showoff to a irregular youtube channel where i used to upload useless videos unedited .

Then i started learning wordpress and youtube. Basically youtube because i wanted to learn video editing.

Due to digital revolution by Jio in India i leaned many online things because they were providing free internet unlimited to anyone using Jio.

I learned video editing, photoshop, dreamweaver, and many other softwares.

Not a master in all of them but just basics for my personal use.

Then in 2020 i decided to start a blog but didn’t had money to buy host.

My parents don’t know the potential how to earn money online.

Rest of the period you can imagine me learning useless and stupid things. 🙂

March 2020 –

Covid outbreak happens worldwide. I left my Phd coaching from Chandigarh and came home because of govt. order.

I asked parents for money for a hosting. They denied and said its waste of time.. Go study…. 🙂

They were telling me to do better work and they were correct at their position.

April 2020 – SiteGround launched $0.33 per 3 month startup hosting offer.

I immediately grabbed it…..I mean why not…….!

I thought lets give it a try……..Lets start a blog with right approach and be serious.

Actually i did’t had any work to do because i left all my books in Chandigarh for these quarantine period. I had nothing to read.

I used to sleep all f**** Day. I love to work so that was why i purchased hosting from siteground with less than $1.

Hosting Purchase – April 5, 2020

SiteGround Hosting Offer

So i setup my blog in just one day nothing fancy. Installed Generatepress theme.

I actually got the premium version from my friend. He gave me the key and asked not to share with anyone.

I imported the demo content and premade theme layout.

And Done…….

I wrote high quality articles in 2 to 3 days.

I learned a lot during my leaning curve. I was not interested to use any plugins to build or beautify my blog. But i knew its better to start collecting emails as soon as possible.

April 14 – Created blog home page focused on siteground affiliate and email collection. Nothing fancy

Rest the blog was same.

History Of My Domain Earning

I had history of some earnings in my domain ($20) in 2 years 9 months.

Due to continuously pointing my domain to my youtube channel and many pages i used to create My domain authority was –

Already Domain Authority Increased Due To Pointing My Domain To Different Locations Like Youtube Channel, Facebook Page And Many More Nonsense Pages….haha..!

I also had got numeroud backlinks casually. Not Made…….Lost most of them.

So at the time i am starting this blog content writing on April 15 – Blog has no backlinks at all.

All backlinks right now on domain are made after April 15

April 15 –

Created The Home Page –

Basic Home Page Made Using Elementor For Email Collection And SiteGround Affiliate Page

April 16 –

Domain Stats And PageViews Full report April 1, 2020 to April 14, 2020

Google Analyitcs April 1 To April 14
Adsense Report Upto April 14

Affiliate Earnings – None To this Date ( April 14,2020)

April 15 to 30 –

From April 15 to 30 i was not much focused on the blog but i still wrote some posts but i focused on quality not the quantity.

I targeted for response posts and tried to answer the questions regarding the problems that a blogger face at starting a blog as a newbie.

Here are my my blog stats upto April 30

April 1 To April 30