How To Add FAQ Rich Snippets In WordPress [Stupid Easy]

On May 8, 2019 Google announced that it will now support FAQ rich snippets in the Google SERP

It’s a one more step by google to provide organized data to people in the SERP.

So now you can add FAQ rich snippets in your WordPress blog posts to stand out in google search results.

So today i will tell you how you can add FAQ rich snippets in your blog posts Step By Step

In fact these are the same methods are i used to display FAQ Rich Snippets in my blog posts from about 6 months now.

What Is FAQ Rich Snippets?

FAQ Rich Snippets are rich data that you setup in the blog post or page and it appears in the SERP as questions and answers. However according to google it is not necessary that google will always show schema always but it is a bonus to the SERP.

Here is how FAQ Schema appears in the SERP –

faq rich snippets
FAQ Rich Snippet On My Website

This is the faq schema markup example on how your FAQ will appear in the SERP.

I promise this is the most reliable and safest method to add FAQ Schema in your WordPress blog which i am going to tell you and it follows all google’s guidelines for rich snippets.

If you want to learn about perfect blog description Checkout My This Blog Post On Blog Description

I will tell you my method and other methods that many popular bloggers use in their blogs and are also good alternative

You can add FAQ Rich Snippets to your WordPress blog by three main methods

  1. Your SEO Plugin Built In Feature
  2. Dedicated Plugin (Same As NeilPatel Uses)
  3. Best Premium Plugin For Schema
  4. Using Header And Footer Code Editing Method
  5. Manual Code Injection Method In Header And Footer

Your SEO Plugin Inbuilt Schema Method

Ok, Let me tell you if you are a Yoast user then this method does no work for you. Yoast has very limited support for Schema Markups. They offer only a limited number of schema types. So you can jump to second method which most Yoast Users Prefer

But if you are a Rank Math user you don’t need t install any extra plugin and it supports most of the schema types and they are continuously adding new schema types every week.

To add FAQ Rich Snippet in Rank Math Follow the following steps –

Go to the post you want to add FAQ Schema and click on edit option.

Steps To Add Rank Math FAQ Schema

Now click on + Icon > Rank Math > FAQ By Rank Math

Adding Questions And Answers In FAQ Schema

Now add your question and answer, and click on Add New FAQ to add a new question.

Now click publish and you are all set. You have applied FAQ schema to your blog post.

This is probable the most basic and easiest method to add FAQ Rich Snippets and this method works for only rank math users. If you are using yoast plugin then you need to use a dedicated plugin for you faq schema markups.

I personally don’t use this method because you have to install and purchase a new plugin. However rank math is completely free in comparison and they also provide support for free also.

Dedicated Plugin (Same That Neil Patel Uses)

There are a lot of dedicated plugins for Schema Markups. We strongly suggest you use the Structured Content Plugin by Gordon Böhme, Antonio Leutsch.

This plugin if free and best in market and used by SEO pro’s like Neil Patel.

Structured Content Schema Markup

It is similar to rank math to implement go to + icon > Structured Content > FAQ

How to add FAQ Schema With Structured Content

But this plugin only offers a very few schema markups options but if you use other premium dedicated themes you will get much more benefit and diverse benefits also. But for FAQ this plugin is the best.

There are a lot of schema plugins out there and you need to select the best one out there which has best support and is regularly updated.

Why, because you will be using the plugin for years from now. If anything goes wrong or the plugin you select if it is abandoned by it’s developers then you will have a sharp pain in you back side to shift that plugin.

Sorry for such language but this is the harsh reality.

Here are some of the top FAQ Schema Plugins Used in market right now. However they do also support other schema types.

  1. Schema Pro
  2. Ultimate Blocks
  3. All In One Schema Rich Snippet
  4. WP Review Pro
  5. WP Product Review
  6. WP SEO Structured Data Schema
  7. SNIP: Rich Snippets by WPBuddy
  8. Schema & Structured Data for WP & AMP
  9. WPSSO Core
  10. Schema APP Structured Data

All of these Rich Snippets plugins will help you to put Rich Snippets in your blog posts. But many of them don’t support FAQ or the FAQ schema execution is difficult.

In my personal opinion Ultimate Blocks are best plugins and i have used that also.

Ok, this is the method for those guys who build their FAQ with the hep of a page builder like Elementor or Thrive Architect.

Because page builders may add FAQ which look stunning appealing in your website but they don’t add FAQ schema in the bog post.

So in that case we need to use a header and footer editor plugin which will add the FAQ schema code into your bog post.

The name of plugin is Header and Footer Scripts By Digital Liberation

Download The Plugin

After you have downloaded the plugin go to this FAQ Snippet Generator

Add Your Questions And Answers

Now copy the code in the right box to your clipart using ctrl+c command or just click on red button below to copy.

Now go to your blog post where you want to apply the FAQ Schema.

Find header and footer editor on bottom of post editor and paste your code there.

Add Your Code Here That You Copied

Google’s Guidelines Regarding FAQ Schema

Here are the guide lines by google regarding the FAQ Schema.

Content guidelines

  • Only use FAQPage if your page has a list of questions with answers. If your page has a single question and users can submit alternative answers, use QAPage instead. Here are some examples:Valid use cases:
    • An FAQ page written by the site itself, with no way for users to submit alternative answers
    • A product support page that lists FAQs, with no way for users to submit alternative answers Invalid use cases:
    • A forum page where users can submit answers to a single question
    • A product support page where users can submit answers to a single question
    • A product page where users can submit multiple questions and answers on a single page
  • Don’t use FAQPage for advertising purposes.
  • Make sure each Question includes the entire text of the question and make sure each Answer includes the entire text of the answer. The entire question text and answer text may be displayed.
  • Question and answer content may not be displayed as a rich result if it contains any of the following types of content: obscene, profane, sexually explicit, graphically violent, promotion of dangerous or illegal activities, or hateful or harassing language.
  • All FAQ content must be visible to the user on the source page.
  • If you have FAQ content that is repetitive on your site (meaning, the same question and answer appear on multiple pages on your site), mark up only one instance of that FAQ for your entire site.

Here is the link to the full article below – FAQ Rich Snippets

Update Post And Clear Cache

Now that you have applied the FAQ Schema, now you need to clear the cache of your website to index it in google.

We will use search console to index our FAQ’s instantly in the SERP. But if you do not clear your cache google may not be able to index your schema instantly.

Purge Your Cache

Testing FAQ Snippet In Google Snippet Tester

Now before submitting your faq schema to index we want to check whether your schema is applied correctly or not.

So go to Google Structured Data Testing Tool and enter your blog post address there and click Run.

Enter Your Blog Post Address Here

Now check for FAQ Schema appearing in the results

Check For FAQ Schema

Instantly Index Your FAQ Schema

Now go to your search console and choose your property. Copy the url of the blog post and submit it in the search console.

Request Indexing Again To Add FAQ Rich Snippets

Now Click on Request Indexing and wait for google to index you FAQ Schema

After about few minutes (5 minutes) check your schema in Google SERP. It should be there.

Checking For FAQ Errors

Well sometimes FAQ Schema also shows some errors in the google search console.

Go to search console > Click On FAQ in left side > Check if there shows any errors

Check For FAQ Errors

If it does then fix the url’s that are causing the error and validate your fixes from FAQ section

How To Get Ideas For FAQ Questions

Getting ideas for the FAQ Questions can be a pain in your ass. Well i will give you few tips with which you can get FAQ Questions with just 1 click of your mouse.

1. Check Google People Also Ask For Questions

Search for your topic and check people also ask for tab in the google SERP. You will find unlimited FAQ Questions there.

People Also Ask For FAQ Questions Ideas

2. Use keyword Shitter

You can use a website named keyword shitter and this website will give unlimited keywords regarding alternatives about your target keyword. It’s a great tool and i personally use this on my blog.

There are a lot of keyword shitter tools in the market. Here are links some of them which i personally use.

3. Use AnswerThePublic

This is also a great tool where you put a keyword and it will give unlimitedFAQ Questions ideas regarding your target keyword.

FAQ Results By AnswerThePublic


My suggesion is that you use FAQ Schema as long as google is showing in the SERP. The FAQ Schema may not last long in SEO but its worth it to implement it until google is showing it in your search results.

Maybe google hammers it like Review snippets but its still nice to have FAQ’s in your post because they help users and directly helps user regarding a problem.

So i hope this post helped you and do let me know in comment section.



FAQ Regarding Implementation Of This Schema

What is FAQ Schema?

FAQ Schema is type of schema which you can implement to show most asked questions about a topic in the SERP.

How do I add a FAQ Schema?

To add FAQ Schema you can use a plugin like rank math or ultimate blocks and manually add with the code insertion into header with the help of header and footer scripts plugin

How do you write a FAQ?

To write FAQ you need a question regarding a problem and a to the point answer to that problem.

What makes a good FAQ page?

A good FAQ page answers the questions of the user in just one line and the page covers every aspect of the the problem.


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