[BETA] FAU-G Game Download APK – FAUG Game App Download Android/iOS

FAUG Game Download APK, FAUG APK Download, Release: It’s a very hard time for the Indian gaming community as the Indian Govt recently banned pubg mobile game in India.

Govt. of Inda has banned Pubg Mobile in India and other battle royale games like freefire can also be banned. Faug game is a great alternative for the Pubg mobile and the game is being developed by Ncore games in the mentorship of Akshay kumar.

Faug game is yet to be released officially but if you want to get notifications on release bookmark this page we will update this post when we get a new update regarding the release date of the game.

Many of you are looking for alternatives to the pubg mobile game after the ban. Well you dont have to download any other countries game as india as developed their own pubg version game called as FAUG.

After PUBG Mobile was banned from India, a lot of alternatives came out. But none of them was indian.

But Akshay Kumar who is a very popular Bollywood actor and he has announced to sponsor nCore games for developement of indian game just like PUBG Mobile.

The name of the game is FAU-G (Fearless & United Guards). The geme is said to be edge to edge with PUBG Mobile.

nCore games have taken this challenge and have promised to release the game. I am giving you a link to download the game for yourself today here.

So you can download pubg mobile india / FAUG game download today from the link in this post somewhere.

I will walk you through this and will tell you how to get FAUG game download apk app for free.

The game is promised to be better and much polished than PUBG. And this game will make you love this game. Official renders are out and you can see the renders on twitter.

Faug Game Details

What is FAUG Game –

  1. The game is being developed by Ncore Games
  2. The game is being developed in the mentorship of Akshay Kumar
  3. The size of Faug game will be 200mb to 2gb

FAUG Game Initial Renders

faug game app download
Gameplay render
faug game app download
Para landing render

Official Tweet From nCore Games :

Here is the official game announcement by nCore games regarding the game. However in this post we have given you renders and beta download link below also.

What is FAUG /Indian Pubg

FAU-G is also known as (FEARLESS AND UNITED GUARDS) which will be a indian version of pubg but promised to be a much polished version

Some critical facts about FAUG mobile game in India.

Full FormFearless And United Guards
DevelopernCore Games
CEOMr. Vishal Gondal
Player ModesFPP, TPP
SponsorAkshay Kumar
Budget70 Lakh Development
Game TypeOnline Multiplayer
About Faug

So here are some of the key facts about FAUG game which will be officially launched very soon.

FAUG (Fearless And United Guards) Game Release Date

Here is a complete working plan of the FAUG game taken from reliable sources.

Development WorkAug 20 – Sep 20
Beta TestingSep 10 – Sep 30
Official Release Of FAUG GameOctober 15
FAUG Game Official Release Date

How To Download FAUG Game

  1. Go to Google play store or Apple play store
  2. Now Search FAUG in the search box
  3. Search Faug Game by nCORE Games
  4. Now click on the download button
  5. After the game is downloaded you can play it on your Andoid/ios device

FAUG Game App Requirement –

  1. 500 Mb Minimum Space
  2. 4Gb Ram
  3. Android 6.0 Or Above
  4. Gmail Or Facebook Account
  5. Internet Connection

FAUG Game Official Trailer

Faug Game Trailer

So the game is on……boys!!

From the renders above the game looks very polished already. The beta version i tested personally looks professionally made. I hope you like these renders

FAU-G Game Size

Faug game download size: The faug game size is about

  1. 1.6gb – Android
  2. 1.9gb – iOS

The game is said to launch in the month of October last week

Who is the Owner of FAUG Game

Vishal Gondal is the owner of the Faug game who is the CEO Of nCore Games.

The company nCore Gaming is developing the game and will be released soon but you can download beta version below. The full form of FAU-G is Fearless And United Guard

Download FAUG Game APP APK (Beta Version)

FAUG Game will e released On October 15 as per the official announced a date by nCore Games

Get Faug Mobile On your mobile today

  1. For Android Mobiles (Update On 15 October)
  2. For App Stores (Update On 15 October)

Faug Game Full Release Date : (Rumored October End)

Faug Game App Beta Download

You can join our Facebook Group For updates

FAQ Regarding FAUG Game

1. What is FAUG App Release Date?

Faug App Will Be Released On October 15, 2020

2. How to download FAUG game?

You can download from the official play store and app store

How To Download FAUG Game

Here is how to download faug game download apk beta on your mobile. To Download faug beta version download you just need to go to play store and search for faug game by ncore games. Fauji game beta version is released now and you can get this today by clicking the faug game download apk.

Faug game beta version or faug beta version is still in its testing stages so you cannot expect top notch performance from the game however it is still so much polished han Pubg.

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