How To Add Author Box And Last Updated In Generatepress Theme – 3 Easy Ways

Are you facing the issue of modifying generatepress theme…..?

Are you facing issue with How To Add Author Box And Last Updated In Generatepress Theme

You have come to the right place. Here today i will teach you how you can add author image and last updated in all your blog posts.

Most likely you are acing this issue like me when i was setting up my theme. You will not get a proper answer to this online i promise even on the internet, youtube anywhere.

But i have come to provide you a quick and definitive solution to this problem.

I will tell 3 different templates of adding author box and last updated to your blog. So you can choose which one suits you the best.

Enough chit chat here are three examples that you will be able to setup after reading this blog post.

Example 1
Example 2
Example 3

You can choose from the three examples and add any one of them that suits you best……!

Also, comment in the article below which one you chose and which one you like most. I will wait for your comment

Before i tell you how to add the code and provide you the code, let me tell you that you need to use a child theme on your website. Before applying use a child theme.

If you have applied any CSS customization take a backup of these in notepad++ and then activate a generatepress child theme.

Reason for using a child theme is because whenever generatepress gives you a theme update you will loose all these changes and you have to do them again.

To avoid all this, you should always use a child theme so that your customization are always safe.

You can download generatepress child theme from here.

You can also get the child theme from the zip file of codes that i will provide you later in this article.

Now, if you are a complete noob at wordpress and still don’t know how to activate child theme. I got you bro….!

Go to Appearance > Themes > Add New >Upload Theme

Then drag and drop your child theme and click Install. After Installation Click Activate

Steps To Install Generatepress Theme

After you have done all these steps now you are good to go with adding a simple php and css code in your theme to display your author box and last updated.

If you still want to know how to start a blog You can read my article How To Start A Blog

There are two maim steps on How To Add Author Box And Last Updated In Generatepress Theme

How To Add Php And Css Code That I Provide

Next you need to learn how to add php code and css code that i will provide you.

You will download a zip file from the link given below. Extract it with winrar….!

If you need WinRAR you can get it from here or you can also extract it by Right Click > Extract Here

Then you will find three folders inside it. Each for a different type of appearance of your author box. Select From Above

Then open example txt file in desired type from example 1,2 or 3

You will get two types of codes there…….One is Php code and other Css code.

Php Code (Copy The Highlighted Code)
Css Code (Copy The Highlighted Code)

In this way you will get a php code and a css code for every example that you want to display in your blog.

How To Install Php Code

To install Php Code you need to go to Appearance > Theme Editor > functions.php

Adding Php Code

When you go to functions.php file then add the code as mentioned above in you file and click update.

Note :- Sometimes depending upon you host may not allow you edit the code directly then you can go to you file manager in cpanel and got to wp content > themes > Generatepres-child > functions.php

Edit that file and add the php code and save. (I faced the issue in siteground to i had to update my files in file manager)

How to Edit Css Code

To edit your css code you simply need to go to Appearance > Customize > Additional Css

Now put the css code as highlighted in the image above and hit publish button and you are done.

Add Css Here

This is all and now you can go to any of your web post. You will get you desired appearance of author box.

My favorite are example 1 and example 2. What are your’s tell me in the comment section.

Conclusion :- So this is how you add author box and last updated in your genratepress theme. If you having any issue comment down below and i will try to solve it ……!

Have a good day…!

FAQ Related To GeneratePress Author Box And Last Updated

Does GeneratePress Support Author Box In Blog Posts

You can add generatepress author box and last updated int the theme with the help of simple PHP code and a CSS code to enter in your child theme.

✅Why Is Child Theme Necessary For FAQ Schema

Child theme is necessary because whenever there is a update in parent theme you will loose all additional customization and you have to do that from scratch again.

Is GeneratePress free?

Generatepress is free with limited customization options. If you need to get additional customization you can purchase the premium theme. However you can also custom code the free version

Is GeneratePress free?

Generatepress, Astra & OceanWP are three main leading fastest wordpress themes.

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