How To Start A Blog That Earns $5000 A Month In 2020 Super Fast [Step By Step Guide]

Updated March 1st, 2020

So do you want to start a blog and want to earn $5000 a month and you are confused how to start a blog.

Then You Have Made A Good Decision, And you are at the right place.

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Hello my name is Shivam Sharma and you know starting this blog was best decision of my life. I also used to fear about loosing money not to invest online.

So finally i took the chance and invested my pocket money in purchasing a premium hosting. Don’t go with free hosting i tell you as i have also done that and free hosting always comes with a catch.

So don’t fall in the trap of free hosting. Purchase the Best One

I will tell you about best web hosting later in this blog post.

So here is the deal;

Nobody likes their boss…right…!

Me Neither…..! Follow this blog post and I will tell you how to start a blog and earn passive income online.

It’s not as complicated as many people think.

So you need to follow the following steps to create a blog.

  • Step 1: Selecting a perfect niche for your blog 
  • Step 2: Pick a domain name (most important)
  • Step 3: Get a web hosting account (most important)
  • Step 4: Starting a blog on WordPress
  • Step 5: Select a WordPress theme to design your blog
  • Step 6: Write content and promote your blog
  • Step 7: Make money blogging

How To Start A Blog…….! (Step By Step)

Here is a step by step guide on how to create a brand new blog from scratch.

Lets Dive Into It…..!

Step 1 : Selecting a perfect niche for your blog (Most Important Step)

Well choosing the perfect profitable topic for your new blog is very much easy but its made more complicated by some bloggers. But most of us make it complicated. Well it’s not….!

Here’s why.

First off, Let me make it clear that almost all blog topics can make money. You just need right approch.

If you are worried more about your blog topic to be “profitable” than your blog content.

Let me tell you that you are wasting your time.

The most important thing is that you GET STARTED and learn as you go.

As I said that any blog on the internet can earn money however some of the niches has great potential to earn money from different methods, not just ads.

I even know some blogs like SucculentAndSunshine who earn $200000/Year moth in such a small niche. But they did was a unique approach that made them stand out from everyone.

Just make sure you are interested in the topic and just move on to the next step.

Some of my suggestions for blog niche ideas

  1. Entrepreneurship
  2. Small Business
  3. Online Business
  4. Marketing
  5. Personal Development
  6. Productivity
  7. Technology
  8. Career Development
  9. Start-Ups
  10. Travel
Blog Topics Popularities

For choosing your perfect niche. You need to focus on these two factors for perfect profitable niche.

Ability To Earn Money

  • Check if you can make money from this niche?
  • Does the selected niche have a profitable affiliate program?
  • A nice keyword list?


  • Your Interest?
  • Are you able to solve others problems?

Step 2: Pick A Perfect Domain Name

This is also one of the most important step to pick the right domain name.

Research your topic of website and include the most searched keyword in your domain name.

For instance, I picked up the domain name NetMuscleGain.Com for my fitness blog.

If you focus the same was very expensive domain as it included high-value keywords muscle + gain.

So this domain already costs much higher, and it includes the most searched words in fitness industry, same muscle + gain (I think you get my point now)

One more thing you need to make sure about domain name selection that you don’t copy other ideas. (BE UNIQUE)

Always choose top TLD extension: .com extension, go for .in .us only if you plan something country related to your website.

In my suggestion, will be perfect for a domain purchase (Not For Hosting Remember)


  • Name your audience e.g. NetMuslcleGain
  • Name a benefit e.g.
  • Look for a .com or a .net domain name (Prefer .com)
  • Name your mission or yourself e.g.
  • Consider branding yourself e.g. My Fitness blog is called NetMuscleGain


  • Pick a clever or ambiguous domain name
  • Use hyphens or unusual spellings
  • Copy a successful domain name
  • Use abbreviations
  • Use alternative, newer extensive like .club and so on
  • Don’t use a domain name of govt. authority

How To Pick A Unique Username

Well thinking for a unique name is tricky. But even if you have unique name you must check if it is used by anyone else on the internet.

So overcome this issue, just go to and type in your unique name there.

Then see if you have all the usernames available for you then register all the usernames after registering a Gmail from your domain name.

Try to make sure you have all usernames by the name of your domain. This will further help you in SEO.

Step 3: Get A Web Hosting Account

Step 1: Get Your Hosting In Place

Step 4: Starting a blog on WordPress

Step 5: Select a WordPress theme to design your blog

Step 6: Write content and promote your blog

Step 7: Make money blogging