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How To Start A Blog In 2021

How To Start A $5000 Earning Blog In 2020 From Scratch [Step By Step Guide]

So do you want to start a blog and want to earn $5000 a month and you are confused about how to make a blog.

Then You Have Made A Good Decision, And you are at the right place and today I will teach you how to make a blog. This is a complete guide to blogging for beginners.

After reading this article you don’t have to go anywhere to search for the same and you will learn how to make a blog and make money online.

More than 8564+ people got help from this blog post to know how to make a blog by investing very little money.

Hello, my name is Shivam Sharma and you know starting this blog was the best decision of my life. I also used to fear losing money not to invest online.

So finally i took the chance and invested my pocket money in purchasing a premium hosting. Don’t go with free hosting i tell you as i have also done that and free hosting always comes with a catch.

So don’t fall in the trap of free hosting. Purchase the Best One

I will tell you about the best web hosting later in this blog post. If want to go free route you can start a free blog from this link

So here is the deal;

Nobody likes their boss…right…!

Me Neither…..! Follow this blog post and I will tell you how to make a blog and earn passive income online.

It’s not as complicated as many people think.

So you need to follow the following steps to create a blog.

How To make a blog…….! (Step By Step)

Before we get started let me tell you the proof how much you can earn from your blog. Here is the earning proof of NeilPatel the top blogger and SEO marketer in the industry.

One more thing that’s without any ads and in dollars…….Shocking Right…!

So don’t worry about earning from your blog. Just Start It…!

Here is a step by step guide on how to create a brand new blog from scratch.

Lets Dive Into It…..!

Here is a Infographic Which Tells You Steps To Get A Quick Overview Of All The Steps

Step 1 : Selecting a perfect niche for your blog (Most Important Step)

Well choosing the perfect profitable topic for your new blog is very much easy but its made more complicated by some bloggers. But most of us make it complicated. Well it’s not….!

Here’s why.

First off, Let me make it clear that almost all blog topics can make money. You just need right approch.

If you are worried more about your blog topic to be “profitable” than your blog content.

Let me tell you that you are wasting your time.

The most important thing is that you GET STARTED and learn as you go.

As I said that any blog on the internet can earn money however some of the niches has great potential to earn money from different methods, not just ads.

You may have searched google with your intersts online, all those topics make specific niche.

You need to decide which one you are most interested in. and why?

Friends, this is a significant step of your blogging journey.

If you made any mistake in selecting your blogging niche, then you will start blogging, but you will not be able run blog for that long with that niche up-to you not getting all idea related to how to make a blog.

Here is a best guide to select a profitable niche for your blog TheBalanceMb

This guide will be a life saver in your niche selection also.

So What exactly is a niche?

niche is a market specific area which focuses on a specialized area of a filed. For example in fitness niche ” Supplements” “Yoga” “Nutrition” are called niche. A niche focuses on specialized content or product rather than broad range of products.

Let me give you some examples and then you will understand better what is a niche?


Few Popular Websites And Their Niche

I even know some blogs like SucculentAndSunshine who earn $200000/Year month in such a small niche. But they did was a unique approach that made them stand out from everyone.

Just make sure you are interested in the topic and just move on to the next step.

Some of my suggestions for blog niche ideas

  1. Entrepreneurship
  2. Small Business
  3. Online Business
  4. Marketing
  5. Personal Development
  6. Productivity
  7. Technology
  8. Career Development
  9. Start-Ups
  10. Travel
  11. Fitness
Blog Topics By Popularity

For choosing your perfect niche. You need to focus on these two factors for a perfect profitable niche.

Ability To Earn Money

  • Check if you can make money from this niche?
  • Does the selected niche have a profitable affiliate program?
  • A nice keyword list?


  • Your Interest?
  • Are you able to solve others problems?

So now the question comes.

How do you select your niche?

So for this, I would like to give you some tips Which help you to select a profitable Niche, for example, my niche is how to make a blogand digital marketing.

  • Checkout Your Interest
  • Focus On Low Competition Keywords
  • Do Proper Market Research Before Starting
  • Know the Earning Potential of a niche

Step 2: Pick A Perfect Domain Name

This is also one of the most important step to pick the right domain name.

Research your topic of website and include the most searched keyword in your domain name.https://web.archive.org/web/20210301154209if_///www.bluehost.com/web-hosting/domaincheckapi/?affiliate=bloggingcapitalhelp

For instance, I picked up the domain name NetMuscleGain.Com for my fitness blog.

If you focus the same MuscleGain.com was very expensive domain as it included high-value keywords muscle + gain.

So this domain already costs much higher, and it includes the most searched words in fitness industry, same muscle + gain (I think you get my point now)

One more thing you need to make sure about domain name selection that you don’t copy other ideas. (BE UNIQUE)

Always choose top TLD extension: .com extension, go for .in .us only if you plan something country related to your website.

In my suggestion, Godaddy.com will be perfect for a domain purchase (Not For Hosting Remember)

Steps To Register Your Domain Name –

Step 1 – Go to google. and search GoDaddy

Step 2 – Search your favorite domain name in GoDaddy search box.

Step 3 – Type in your desired domain and hit search.

If domain is available checkout and pay for domain and you are good to go.

Remember do not purchase hosting from GoDaddy. They are crappy host but for domains, they are the best company out there.

Make sure you take care of these do’s and don’t before selecting your domain.


  • Name your audience e.g. NetMuslcleGain
  • Name for benefit e.g. www.netmusclegain.com
  • Look for a .com or a .net domain name (Prefer .com)
  • Name your mission or yourself e.g. www.guideblogging.com
  • Consider branding yourself e.g. My Fitness blog is called NetMuscleGain


  • Pick a clever or ambiguous domain name
  • Use hyphens or unusual spellings
  • Copy a successful domain name
  • Use abbreviations
  • Use alternative, newer extensive like .club and so on
  • Don’t use a domain name of govt. authority

How To Pick A Unique Username

Well thinking for a unique name is tricky. But even if you have unique name you must check if it is used by anyone else on the internet.

So overcome this issue, just go to www.namechk.com and type in your unique name there.

Then see if you have all the usernames available for you then register all the usernames after registering a Gmail from your domain name.

Try to make sure you have all usernames by the name of your domain. This will further help you in SEO.

Many people tell you how to make a blog but they don’t tell how to pick your usernames which are also a part of SEO approach helping you in long run.

Step 3: Get A Web Hosting Account

Getting a good web host is very much important. You need to invest in this without worrying about the return because if you have crappy web host then your website will be super slow and will ruin the user experience.

Note :- However it is recommended that you always go with professional blogging by investing in your blog. If you still need help setting up free blog here is a good resource by harpreet on starting a free blog

Let me tell you that i have tried almost all popular web hosts out there and most of them are so slow but are heavily promoted by the all blog owners out there.

After testing so many web hosts i have come to a conclusion about these 5 web hosts to be the best according to the website needs.

  • Starter Website – For Newbie <5000 Visitors A Month
  • Authority Website – For Experts >5000 Visitors A Month

Well many bloggers will say 5000 visitors don’t make you a expert. Well in my opinion if you 5000 visitors you should move to better host because you are definitely earning at that time and now you are competing with big fishes now

So earlier you upgrade better its for you. Because later you can have issues with other web host while migrating. Better take that headache early.

Many people will tell you to buy this hosting or that……but don’t provide any proof why you should go with this hosting. Let me tell you because these companies provide a high commission to these bloggers for doing that.

You buy for a 2 or 3 years at once and you are now fu****.

In Simple Words Stay Away From EIG Hosting. Check the list and stay away from these hosting providers.

Sorry for that word but this is how it is bro. These so called masters of SEO don’t care about you only thing they care is Money.

But if you still want to go with EIG Hosting you can get a great discount using the coupon code “CODESTEIN60” on Hostgator.com

Checkout this article to know how to apply the coupon Hostgator Discount Coupon Code

After trying all these web hosts I came up with a web hosting where you don’t have to pay early but you pay for only the resources you use. And you pay monthly, so if you are unhappy with the web hosts service to say good buy to that host next month.

Now they may tell you that you buy hosting once and then work. No…it does not work like that. You keep the quality check on web hosts. Some web host may provide you with good service at the start and then later there support becomes worse.

The support is a major factor when you buy a hosting. I have two suggessions for you when it comes to best hosting providers out there.

  1. Siteground/A2Hosting :- For Starter Website – For Newbie <5000 Visitors A Month
  2. CloudWays/WpEngine:- For Authority Website – For Experts >5000 Visitors A Month

Let me tell you one thing that I am a SiteGround fanboy.

Siteground Is My First Go To Web Host When You Are Just Starting Out.

Tom From Online Media Maters

So If You Are Starting Out I Suggest You To Start With SiteGround Hosting. (Best Out There)

But if you have a budget of $10/month then i would highly suggest you to buy stater plan from CloudWays

At CloudWays they offer a fully managed WordPress hosting and is the best in the market right now. They provide much better speed for your website and cut down your response time in half or more than it. Here you pay monthly not yearly.

Step 4: Get Your Hosting In Place

Now let me show you how to get your hosting in place. Follow These Steps Along –

Siteground Pricing Page
  • After selecting a plan add your card for payment
Add Your Card
  • Now complete your purchase by filling your information and you will get a email like this.
my payment proof
My SiteGround Payment Proof

If you don’t want to pay with card or prefer to pay with any other method go to support and have a chat with them they will provide you another method for payment. I also pay by paypal.

Click On Sales Chat Button To Ask For Another Payment Method

They will provide you a link to complete the purchase. I also did the same as in india i did not had a global credit card.

Step 4: Starting a blog on WordPress

  • Now go to websites area and click new website but by default your domain that you added while you registered is already there
  • Click on site tools and go to your panel
  • Click WordPress then click on install and manage
Click install And Manage
  • Choose your username and password and you are all set.

Get Sitegrung 70% Off Offer Here

[wpcd_coupon id=3025]

Step 5: Select a WordPress theme to design your blog

Now select a theme for your website. I suggest using generatepress theme for your blog. The same theme i used to build this blog.

Generatepress is industry leading theme and is constantly updated. It’s a completely free theme.

GeneratePress Theme

But if you want i can give you pro theme version for completely free. I will provide you the key.

The only thing you need to do is click on any of my links on this websites CloudWays or SiteGround and purchase hosting from these links, send me your purchase proof on shivam@codestein.in and i will email you the pro version.

Disclaimer :- Above links are affiliate links that provide me some commisssion at no extra cost to you and you will get best hosting deal. It you don’t want to click and purchase through my affiliate links that’s completely fine. Here are no affiliate links ClodWays / SiteGround but any support is still highly appreciated.

Step 6: Write content and promote your blog

Now write decent content on your website. Make a plan for your website and start writing content every day. You can outsource and hire writers also but i suggest you to write yourself when you just starting out.

Step 7: Make money blogging

After writing about 20 pillar posts now apply for adsense account.


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