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Jonathan Gaming BGMI ID, Life, Control Code, Sensitivity, GF, Age Income & More


Jonathan Gaming the name is enough to tell about the Indian BGMI/PUBG Mobile community

The guy is just a beast and his skills are unmatchable. Even though many of you try to be like him so searching about his gameplay style controls, sensitivity even his gf. HAha wtf

This post will give you everything about Jonathan Gaming so you can simply start working on your skills rather than searching about his sensi or controls

Jonathan’s Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI)/PUBG Mobile ID

Jonathan BGMI/PUBG Mobile id is searched by many of you. You have to search about his id on BGMI, not Pubg Mobile because a new version for India has been launched by Krafton

Jonathan’s BGMI ID is 5112616229

The In-Game name keeps changing so I have not given that because many scammers copy his name and try to scam people for popularity

Jonathan’s Real Name

Jonathan Gaming is simply known more by the name Jonathan by us but his actual Real Name is Jonathan Amaral

Jonathan’s Girlfriend

There is no official hint from Jonathan about his personal life. Many online websites say that Payal Dhare Payal Gaming is Jonathan’s girlfriend but we don’t say that just on speculations.

Jonathan’s BGMI/PUBG Mobile Sensitivity Settings

Jonathan uses 2 thumb controls and he is using iPhone but right now playing on android as BGMI is not launched on IOS

So use this sensitivity carefully and make a backup of your own sensitivity before making any change

Controls Code of Jonathan

Here are the controls of Jonathan

Jonathan Gaming BGMI Controls

Jonathan’s BGMI sensitivity code is 6893-4240-2977-3338-186

Jonathan’s Income

According to Social Blade — an American website that tracks social media statistics and analytics, Jonathan makes between $847 to $13.5K on a monthly basis.

If we include the streaming and brand earnings this makes a lot more up to $30k per month

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