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Do you use social media? According to me, if someone is an internet user, then he definitely uses social media too. Social media i.e. WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc. are such platforms where we stay connected with people from all over the world, wherever they are from. And one word LOL is quite popular on these social media.

You must have also seen the word lol somewhere. Even when you are chatting with someone, he speaks LOL in the same talk or maybe you have also messaged someone by writing LOL but after all what is this LOL? LOL meaning in Hindi , LOL full form , What is the meaning of LOL ?

Nowadays people use the short form of many words to save time, but until the full form of these words is not known, we do not know the meaning of that word. LOL (Lol) is also a short form, which will be known in detail.

LOL Meaning In Hindi

If I say in simple words, LOL means loud laughter, laughter. You must know about emoji , nowadays every internet user uses emogi a lot, especially when we chat with someone on social media, we send emoji to express our feelings, thinking and emotion. Express) to do.

For example, when we are laughing or laughing at someone, we send a laughing emoji, when we are sad or crying, we use sad emoji to express our moment. for.

But, suppose you do not have to use emoji and have to express your happiness in message or you say in the form of text then how will you do? Yes, you can use the word LOL here, which means loud laughter.

This word is quite old and it was first used during the year 1980-1990 on usenet which is a worldwide discussion system. On the other hand, emoji has come a long time after the word LOL and it took a long time for the development of emoji as we see it today.

LOL is in the form of text so it can be easily typed in any mobile phone but emoji is a graphical representation which is not there in all mobiles, ie small phones with any keypad do not have emoji support. Although all smartphones support emoji.

So if you are laughing and want to express it in your mobile-computer then you can use word “LOL or LOL” or you can use emoji of laughing character.

In the above chat you can see that when I asked her the exam date, she said lol that means she was laughing at me because according to her the exam was over.

LOL Full Form (What Is Full Form Of LOL In Hindi)

LOL is a short form i.e. it has full form and after knowing this, you will be more clear why LOL means loud laughter. So let’s know LOL Full Form-

L – Laughing
O – Out
L – Loud

So in this way the full form of LOL is Laughing Out Loud .

Laughing in Hindi means to laugh, Loud means loudly or tightly, so LOL means Laughing Out Loud means to laugh out loud.

You know that people use short form a lot on internet and social media, for example fine is called fi9, ok is called k, good morning is called gm or gd mrng, similarly people say Laughing Out Loud from the very beginning. Just write or speak LOL.

Anyway, this is a little big word, so people like to write its short form, even there are many people who do not know the full form of LOL but and understand so much that whoever wrote LOL is their own. Expressing laughter or laughing.

So dear readers, in this post you have seen what is LOL Meaning In Hindi and LOL Full Form. I am sure you must have understood all the points very well.

To express our laughter, nowadays we also write lo HAHAHA, HEHE etc and some people also use emoji but keep in mind, LOL is a stylish word which will be used all the time so it is important that we all have it. Know Hindi meaning and full form.

LOL ke aur full form

Friends, as you know that LOL is a short form which is mainly popular for Laughing out loud but you should also know that in every region, in every category or everywhere the full form of LOL is not the same. It has many more full forms which are used in different places.

Let us know about the more important full form of LOL-

TermLOL Full FormsHindi MeaningCategory
LOLThe Land Of Lakesland of lakesLocal States
LOLLurking On Linelurk on the lineInformation Technology
LOLLunatic On the Loosecrazy on the loosePolice Force
LOLLucifer Our LordLucifer our GodLocal
LOLLoyal Orange LodgeLoyal Orange LodgeClubs
LOLLovely old Ladieslovely old ladieshuman
LOLLoveliest On Linecutest onlineFunny
LOLLove Outdated Lawsold laws of loveLove laws
LOLLove On Linelove on lineLove
LOLLove Of LordLord’s loveLove
LOLLove Of LlamasLamassi’s lovePharmaceutical
LOLLove Of Lifelove of lifeLove
LOLLove Of Laughinglove to laughLove
LOLLove Of Lardbuttslove of lardbuttsLove
LOLLoud Outbursts LeagueLoud Outbursts LeagueSlang
LOLLots Of Lucklots of luckInternet – Chat
LOLLots Of Lubetoo many lubesTransportation
LOLLots Of LoveLots of loveTexting
LOLLots Of Lollygagginglots of lollygaggingInternet – Chat
LOLLots Of Lizardsa lot of lizardsFunny
LOLLots Of Livingmany livesCultivation
LOLLots Of Liquora lot of winePolice Force
LOLLots Of Levelstoo many levelsInformation Technology
LOLLots Of Lemonslots of lemonsFunny
LOLLots Of Leafslots of leavesInternet
LOLLots Of Laughterlots of laughterFunny
LOLLots Of Laughslots of laughsInternet – Chat
LOLLots Of Laughinglots of laughsGaming
LOLLots Of Laciviousnesslots of sexSociety
LOLLots Of Labefactationlots of labfactionsPharmaceutical
LOLLost Of Lovelost of loveLove
LOLLoss Of Loveloss of loveLocal
LOLLoss of Lockloss of lockClock
LOLLoss Of Lifeloss of lifeArmy
LOLLoss Of Legsloss of feetPharmaceutical
LOLLoser On Liquorlose on alcoholFunny
LOLLoser On Lineloser on the lineFunny
LOLLords Of Legendlords of legendMedia Center
LOLLord Of Loserslord of losersFunny
LOLLord Of Lizardsgod of lizardsGaming
LOLLord Of Life ChurchLord of Life ChurchLocal
LOLLoony Offensive LiberalLooney Offensive LiberalLocal – Countries
LOLLooks Of LaughterlaughterFunny
LOLLooking Over Liamlooking at liamInternet – Chat
LOLLooking On Linelooking on lineInternet – Chat
LOLLook Over LuLuLuLu. take a look atFunny
LOLLook Out for Loonieslook out for looniesJuridical
LOLLook OnLinewatch onlineInformation Technology
LOLLollypops Over LaffytaffyLollipop on LaffytaffyFunny
LOLLocker of Losersloser’s lockerInternet – Chat
LOLLocked On Loveclose on loveInternet – Chat
LOLLocal On Linelocal onlineFunny
LOLLoads Of Lovelots of loveInternet – Chat
LOLLoads Of Lemonsload of lemonFunny
LOLLoads Of Laundrylaundry loadFunny
LOLLoads Of Laughsloads of laughsFunny
LOLLiving Our Liveslive our lifeLiving
LOLLiving On Linelive onlineFunny
LOLLiving on Lemonsstay on lemonLivid of Love
LOLLive on Lovelive on loveGaming
LOLLittle Outrageous Littlessmall outrageous smallFunny
LOLLittle Old Ladylittle old ladySociety
LOLLittle Old Ladieslittle old ladiesInternet – Chat
LOLLittle of laughnessa little laughFunny
LOLLion On Linelion onlineInternet – Chat
LOLLine Over Lineline over lineInternet – Chat
LOLLimitation of Owner’s Liabilityextent of liability of the ownerOil
LOLLimitation of Liabilitylimit of liabilityEngineering
LOLLimit Of Liabilitylimit of liabilityNASA – Space
LOLLil Ole Ladylil ole ladyFunny
LOLLightning Over Lovelightning on loveFunny
LOLLight On Leftleft side lightFunny
LOLLight Of Lovelight of loveLocal
LOLLife Off Linelife of lineFunny
LOLLife Of Loanlife of loanNormal Business
LOLLife Of a Leopardlife of a leopardAnimals
LOLLieutenant On Leavelieutenant on leaveGovernmental
LOLLicking Old Lemonsold lemon lickFunny
LOLLick Over Lipslick on lipsBandung
LOLLick Our Lumpslick our knotsSport
LOLLiar of Lieslie of liesLove
LOLLewd Offensive Languageobscene languageSociety
LOLLevel On Linelevel on-lineInformation Technology
LOLLevel Of Learninglearning levelEducational
LOLLet’s Oblterate LicentiousnessLet’s remove the licenseMedia Center
LOLLessen Our Lustless our lustLocal
LOLLemon Or Limelemon or limeNourishment
LOLLegislating On Liquorlaw on alcoholMiscellaneous
LOLLegion On Legionarmy on armyGovernmental
LOLLegion Of the Lostarmy of the lostScience Fiction
LOLLegion Of LuciferLucifer’s armyScience Fiction
LOLLeft Our Loadleft our burdenBusiness
LOLLeft Other Legleft other legMedical
LOLLeft Occipitolateral Positionleft occipital positionMedical
LOLLeft Occipito-Lateralleft occipito-lateralMidwifery
LOLleft occipitolateralleft occipitalMedicine
LOLLearn Over Lunchlearn about lunchCommunication
LOLLearn Out Loudlearn aloudFunny
LOLLeague Of Losersleague of losersSlang
LOLLeague Of LlamasLlamas. the league ofHobby
LOLLeague of Lightnessleague of lightnessUncategorized
LOLLeague of Libertyleague of libertyTank
LOLLeague of Levityleague of levityUncategorized
LOLLeague of LegendLeague of LegendAccounting
LOLLeague Of Leagendsleague of legendsGaming
LOLLayout Linelayout lineConveyance
LOLLay Out Longlay out longFunny
LOLLawyers on Linelawyer on lineGaming
LOLLaws of Liferules of lifeEssay
LOLLauren on Locationlauren on locationUncategorized
LOLLaughter Orchestrates LaughterLaughter Orchestrates LaughterPerforming Arts
LOLLaught Out Loudlaugh out loudUncategorized
LOLLaughing Over Lineslaughing at the linesPerforming Arts
LOLLaughing Out Loudlaugh out loudInternet – Chat
LOLLaughing On Linelaugh on lineInternet – Chat
LOLLaugh Out Loudlaugh out loudInternet – Chat
LOLLater On Lovelater on loveUncategorized
LOLLascivious Obstreperous LingoErotic Obstraperus lingoMiscellaneous
LOLLarge Ordinary Lungbig simple lungsFunny
LOLLarge Obese Lobsterbig fat lobsterNourishment
LOLLand Of Loveland of loveFunny
LOLLand Of LincolnLincoln’s LandInternet – Chat
LOLLand Of Legendsland of legendsAthletics
LOLLand Of Leatherleather landCompanies or Organizations
LOLLand O Lakesland o lakeCompanies or Organizations
LOLLame Old Loserlame old loserFunny
LOLLaff Out Load Toastmasters ClubLaugh Out Load Toastmasters ClubToastmasters
LOLLadies Out Lookingladies out lookingFunny
LOLLadies Only LiftingLadies Only LiftingUncategorized
LOLLacking Of Lifelack of lifeFunny
LOLLack Of Lovelack of loveLove
LOLLack Of LaughterLack of laughterSlang
LOLLack of Lanthanumlack of lanthanumEducational
LOLLabor of Lovelove workLove

LOL: This word hurts me

Come, first of all I will tell an anecdote from my life, I am sure you will definitely laugh at me,

I remember one time I was talking to a girl and this was a long time ago, in response to one of my messages, she sent it by writing LOL, but at that time I also did not know the meaning of this word and Maybe I had heard this word for the first time.

Then I did a google search to save my reputation, ” Lol meaning in Hindi ” but believe me, I could not find information about this word in Hindi on any site, although I had information about it in English, but I understood English on the internet. was not coming

Then I thought that I would ask him a little bit, what does it mean, and as soon as I asked him, in response he did not tell the meaning and sent it again by writing LOL, from above I was also worried about this at that time. It was happening that the exam was not really over. You must see the screenshot of our chat below-

In this chat you can see how the girl confused me by speaking lol again and again because I could not understand, well whatever happened to me, you must have also faced this at some time or the other, so today’s this In the post, I told you the Hindi meaning of LOL in very easy words , LOL full form .

LOL: English To Hindi Dictionary

Here you have read about the Hindi meaning and definition of LOL, Hindi translation of LOL with similar and opposite words, synonyms, and Antonyms of LOL. You also learned the right spoken pronunciation of LOL in Hindi and the English language.

If you liked this dictionary word meaning post about LOL meaning in Hindi (LOL मीनिंग इन हिदी) or LOL का हिंदी अर्थ-मतलब with examples sentences then share this on social media.

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