My First Image Which Made Photography My Passion

The Image you see above made me so interested in learning more and more about photography. This image was taken form a 12 mp Xiomi Redmi Note 5 Pro. So here is my story how i started to learn photography and finally thought to create a helpful website where all photographers can come and share their thoughts and also learn with going around different websites because we provide you highly researched articles just at one place.

In 2018 me and my friend decided to visit a holy place located in Amritsar, Punjab, India. Proudly we all call it Golden Temple. We went there just for our peace of mind and before that i was keen to take photos (not selfies) so my friend asked me to click his picture. I did it and thought let me click some pics to share online with friends that we were here. I clicked few pics. At that time i knew little about aperture, shutter speed etc and other stuff because i used to read photography articles. I took my time to set up manual mode in camera and tried to get the best shot that i can at that time.

We came home after few hours of chilling. I almost forgot about pics because at that time i did not cared much about sharing so i completely forgot. Then at around 11.30 PM at night my friend called me and said send me the the pics that i clicked for him. Si i did, then i thought to share the pics. I shared them on my WhatsApp status not on facebook. Then i wen for sleep.

When i woke up in morning i saw many messages from my friends saying great pic, awesome. I thought its just formality that friends do when somebody uploads a pic online. I went to the college, class saw me and they said your yesterday pic was very good. They were asking me why did not you told them you click good pics like this. Which i really did’t i was that is why i never click a selfie because i s*** at posing. They asked to send the pic to them and thats what i did.

I came from the college that day about 2 PM and played some games (CSGO and PUBG) because i am gamer also just a little bit not shroud ….haha…!

About 7 PM i opened the WhatsApp to check some messages and after that  i started checking status of my frinds that they uploaded. Interestingly the first pic of each of those stautus was the pic i clicked yesterday. I was like what. I sent the good pic message to every one of them ..(sarcasm right) haha…!

I was good at website making already both coded and wordpress. My friend(which whom i was in Golden Temple) asked me to start a website and told to start learning and sharing on it. Make it your hobby, you have potential…..and bla bla…..He pumped me up son good that …….(you know what friends do). And i did it on his say after seeing the images i clicked. Then i realized that i have some passion that i should improve and nurture. Si i thought to make it my hobby side wise to studies also.

I was struggling with name of website so i thought make it from my name so i did it that day. Bought hosting and domain and this is how was founded. I that is why you are reading this post today. I never thought you will be interested to read such off topic post but i wanted to thank my friend so i did it.

I hope you like the story. Keep isiting our blog for awesome content related to photography.


I hope to see you in my next blog post.


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Shivam Sharma

Shivam Sharma is a photography enthusiast who loves wild life photography and cinematography. He is masters in zoology and loves animals and also he always wanted to work for society.

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