Narsinh Mehta Biography | Biography Of Saint Poet Narsi Mehta

Adi poet Santanarsi Mehta (born Narsinh Mehta) of Gujarati literature was born in 1414 AD in a Nagar Brahmin family in Talaja village near Junagadh. 

Narsinh Mehta Biography

The parents had died in their childhood, so lived with their cousins. Most of the saints used to roam with the circles and they were married at the age of 15–16. On doing no work, sister-in-law used to do a lot of sarcasm on them. 

One day Narsingh distressed by his rebuke went to the Shiva temple of Gopeshwar and started doing penance.

It is believed that after seven days, he saw Shiva and asked for the blessings of Krishna Bhakti and Rasleela’s visions. Raslila was seen visiting Dwarka on this. Now Narsingh’s life changed completely. 

Leaving the house of his brother, he started living separately in Junagadh. His residence is still famous as “Narasimh Mehta Ka Chaura”. He used to be engrossed in Krishnabhakti all the time. 

All were equal for him. They did not believe in untouchability and used to do kirtan with Harijans in their colony.

This led to the boycott of them in the community, but they did not falter with their views.

Narsinh Mehta composed large touching hymns. Gandhiji’s favorite hymn “Vaishnav Jan to Tune Kahi” is composed by him. 

Apart from the posts of devotion, knowledge and disinterest, his works are famous “Sudama Charit, Govind Gaman, Danlila, Chaturio, Surat Sangram, Ramsahastra Padi, Shringar Mala, Vasantana Pado and Krishna Nathana Positions”. 

Many stories are associated with saints. Many incidents of narration are also found in connection with Narsinh Mehta. Due to mention of some of them in their posts themselves, people also consider them to be real events.

In those days the bill was in circulation. People did not carry cash money on foot. After depositing money with a trusted and famous person, he used to write hundi (money order) in the name of a person from another city. 

In order to gift the poverty of Narsinh Mehta, some mischievous people wrote a bill to the pilgrims going to Dwarka, but when the traveler reached Dwarka, Sri Krishna gave the money of Narasimha Mehta’s bill to the pilgrims by assuming the form of Shyamal Shah. |

Similarly, during the Shraddha of the father and the in-laws of the married daughter, while sending material in her pregnancy, she also got divine success. 

When his son’s marriage was fixed with the daughter of the wazir of the king of the big city, even then Narasimha Mehta went to Dwarka and invited the Lord to walk in the procession. 

Lord Shyamal went to Barat in the form of Seth and people were amazed to see the chic of the marriage of poor Narsingh’s son. 

Hearing of his contact with the Harijans, when the king of Junagadh tried to test him, a garland of flowers was placed in the neck of Leena Mehta (Kirtan) from space.

Apart from poverty, he also had to face the separation of death of wife and son in his life. But he had put the entire weight of his Yogaksham on his favored Shri Krishna. 

In the end, the civil society in which he was ostracized, he considered him his jewel and even today he has the same belief in Gujarat. He is believed to have died in 1480 AD.

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