New RBI Banned Fake Loan Apps List In India 2023 (Hindi)

RBI / NBFC Banned Fake Instant Loan Apps List In India: The Way Banks And Finance Companies Give Many Offers In Giving Loans In India. Similarly, Nowadays The Trap Of Illegal Fake Loan Apps Is Also Spreading. People Are In Need Of Money And They Need A Loan Quickly And Quickly, Which Is Taken Advantage Of By Fraudsters, So The Sooner You Take A Loan, The More Careful You Should Be.

Best Instant Loan App Loans Prove To Be Very Helpful In Removing Our Financial Troubles. But There Is A Need To Be Careful With Fake Loan App. Information Related To Fake Loan Apps Has Been Written In The Presented Article. In Which You Have Been Told About Many Aspects Of Fake Loan App, So That Important Facts Will Be Known And Fraud Loan Can Be Avoided.

Fake Loan App क्या है (Fake Instant Loan App In Hindi) 

Fake Loan App Is An App That Cheats People In The Name Of Loan . Phone Data Is Stolen Through Messages And Links. In Which Extra Money Is Taken In The Name Of Loan And People Deposit The Money By Believing. For Which There Is No Guarantee. These Apps Use People’s Personal Data In A Wrong Way And Empty Your Bank Account.

How does fraud happen in the name of giving loan?

A Link Is Sent To The Mobile Phone Through A Message In The Name Of Loan And It Is Claimed That On Clicking The Link, A Loan Will Be Available, For Which No Security Will Be Required And No Documents Will Be Required.

Most Of The People Click On The Link Sent Due To Lack Of Correct Information Related To The Loan, Due To Which The Problem Arises.

Such Apps Send Loan Related Messages On Phone, Social Media, WhatsApp. It Is Written By Sending The Link, Click On The Link And Get The Loan Immediately. Fraudsters Ask To Click On The Link Sent In The Name Of Loan And Download The App From Play Store.

 While No Bank Gives Loan Just By Clicking The Link And Downloading The App. Clicking On The Link Shares Personal Information. Because Of Which Fraudsters Take Advantage Of It And Do Fraud Through Fake Loan App.

How does Fake Loan App get the information?

Through Fake Loan App, Fraudsters Steal Information From The Phone. When He Asks For An App Download, Through That The Phone Information Goes To Him, Where He Talks About Paying Money Online Knowing The Bank Related Messages And EMI Related Information.

 Sometimes It Is Said That EMI Is Due, Sometimes It Is Said That There Is An Offer From The Bank, Pay Money, Close The Loan From The Bank, You Will Get A New Scheme, Etc. Fake Things Are Spoken. Those Who Agree To Their Words Get Trapped And Have To Pay Money.

How to get cheated by Fake Loan App?

Fake Loan App Is Made In Such A Way That Whoever Downloads And Follows That App, The Data Of The Phone Gets Shared. Giving The Lure Of Quick Loan, It Is Said To Give Loan Through The App Without Documents, Without Enquiry, Without Asking For Security.

 Money Is Asked In The Name Of Loan Advance And When People Deactivate Their Account From The App After Giving Advance And Also Uninstall The App, Then The Message Of Loan Approval Comes From Another App And When The App Is Downloaded, The Account In It It Also Happens And Money Has Been Credited, It Is Also Shown.

If This Problem Is Reported Then The Payment Amount Is Demanded More And Unfair Treatment Is Done. By Using The Photo Wrongly, Threats Are Made To Send It To Their Acquaintances And Money Is Demanded. Several Notices Are Sent So That Payment Is Made. People Are Harassed By Giving Wrong Messages To Give Money.

How to identify Fake loan Apps?

Fake Loan App Is Not Recognized Due To High Need Of Money And Quick Loan And We All Apply For Loan From Wrong App Which Is Taken Advantage Of By Fraudsters. Therefore, It Becomes Mandatory To Identify The Fraud Loan App So That One Does Not Get Cheated. These Apps Can Be Identified By Taking Care Of Some Things. Which Is Like This :

#1 Avoid Downloading Apps From Unknown Sources

If Any Kind Of Message Or Link Related To Loan Comes On Phone Or Social Site Etc., Then Do Not Download Any App From It Because Those Apps Also Contain Virus Which Shares The Data Of The Phone. It Is Safe To Download An App From Play Store Or App Store But Should Be Downloaded Only After Taking Proper Information.

#2 Aadhaar Card Is Given For Loan

Many Loan-Related Apps Are Available On The Play Store, Which Claim That Loans Can Be Taken Only Through Aadhaar Card And PAN Card. Viruses Come On Downloading Such Apps, Along With The Data Is Also Stolen And Then Fraud Is Done With These Information.

#3 Avoid Zero CIBIL Loan Apps For Loans

For Loan, If Any App Talks About CIBIL Loan Zero, Then Do Not Take Loan From That App, The Processing Charge Is High. Such Loan Apps Are Mostly Fake And In The Name Of Loan, Money Is Taken From 25 To 30% By Talking About The Interest Rate.

#4 Avoid Availing Loan In Short Time Period

There Are Many Apps In The Play Store For Loan Which Lure To Give Loan In A Short Time Period Of About 6 To 7 Days. Avoid Such Loan Giving Apps Because Such Apps Increase The Loan.

#5 Be Mindful Of App Permissions

Whenever An App Is Downloaded, The Notice Of App Permission Comes, Be Aware Of The Things Given In That Notice That What Data The App Will Share. Keep In Mind That The Details Of Phone Storage And Contact List Have Not Been Taken By The App.

#6 Avoid Apps That Do Not Take Credit History

Loan Apps, If They Talk About Giving Loan Without Knowing Cibil And Credit History, Then Such Apps Mostly Download Contact List And Call Through That List And Mislead Them For Loan Recovery. One Should Stay Away From Such Loan Apps.

#7 Keep Advance Payment Related Information

Do Not Make Any Kind Of Advance Payment In The Loan App. Claiming That The Loan Has Been Approved Through The Loan App, Advance Payment Is Sought As Processing Fee. Avoid This Type Of App.

#8 Get Correct Information Before Giving Bank Details

One Should Be Careful With Such Apps That Take Bank Details For Loan, Which Asks For Personal Information Related To The Bank Other Than The Bank Account. It Is Wise Not To Take Loan From Such An App.

#9 Keep Track Of Loan App Reviews

Before Downloading The Loan App, The Reviews Of The App Should Be Read So That The Facts Related To That App Can Be Known.

#10 Keep Track Of CIBIL Updation

Be Sure To Find Out Information About The Loan App From The Digital Platform From The Internet. There Are Many Apps Which Do Not Show CIBIL Result On Loan Completion. The Update Is Not Visible In The Account, Due To Which The Credit Loan Is Not Visible And There May Be Difficulty In Taking The Loan Later.

#11 Take Care Of NBFC Registration

The Loan Can Be Obtained Through The Bank, As Well As The Company Or Institution Which Is Registered By NBFC Is Valid In Giving Loan. Therefore, From Wherever You Take The Loan, Find Out Whether The App Is Registered With NBFC Or Not.

List of fake loan apps in India (RBI Banned Fake Instant Loan App List)

While There Are Registered Apps For Loans Online, There Are Also Many Fake Illegal Loan Apps Which Have Been Banned By The Reserve Bank Of India In India. These Fraud Loan Apps Have Been Removed From Playstore.

तो यह रहे – RBI Banned Fake Chinese Loan Apps In India (New List)

  • Cash Host
  • Mobile Cash
  • Easy Credit
  • Store Loan
  • Metro Finance
  • Gold Cash
  • Rupi Smart
  • Money Tree
  • Loan Fortune
  • Cash Park
  • Jojo Cash
  • Flash Rupee
  • Income Loan
  • Live Cash
  • Sun Cash
  • Magic Money
  • Bright Cash
  •  Unit Cash
  • Sunny Loan
  •  Royal Cash
  • Marvel Cash
  •  Sharp Corn (Sharp Cash)
  • Cash Fish
  • Voice Loan
  • Rupic Fenta (Rupic Fenta)
  • Rupic Buzz
  •  M Pocket
  • Money Pocket
  • Express Loan
  • Apple Cash
  • Hu Cash
  • Loan Dream
  • Cash Cola
  • Fast Rupee
  • Income Ok
  • Cash Advance
  • Angel Loan App
  • Rush Loan App
  • Quick Loan App
  • Krazy Cash
  • Phone Pay
  • Joe Cash
  • Sky Loan
  • Loan Sathi
  • Orange Loan
  • Wallet Pai
  • Cash Hole Etc.

 Similarly, More Than 1100 Fake Loan App Have Been Listed By RBI Which Have Been Banned.

Quick Loan Fake Loan App Information

Many Fake Apps Have Come Up Keeping In Mind The Need Of Quick Loans By The People. People Need Money Quickly, Due To Which They Need A Quick Loan. In Such A Situation, Advertisements, Links, Messages Of Many Fake Loan App Come On Social Sites And On The Internet, They Should Not Be Trusted.

Such Fake Apps Cheat People And Harass And Harass People For Loans In The Name Of Loans. Taking Advantage Of The Corona Period, Such Apps Do Fraud Through The Internet By Targeting The Unemployed And Those Who Are In Dire Need Of Money.

Some Of The Fake Quick Loan Apps Are As Follows:

One Loan Cash Anytime, Mi Rupay, Rupee King, Handy Loan, Goldman Payback, UPA Loan, Access Loan, Loan Dream, Cash Park Loan, Wow Rupee, Hu Cash, First Cash, Rupee Box, Clear Loan, Get Rich, Loan Go, Small Loan, Live Cash, Hand Cash, Loan Home Small, Silver Pocket, Bharat Cash, Money Master, Easy Loan, Cash Mine, Cash Book Hand Cash Friendly Loan, Ov Cash Loan, Star Loan, Easy Credit, Crazy Cash, Quick Loan App Etc.

Key points related to Loan App (Fake Instant Loan App)

Fake Loan Applist Released By RBI
Credit Box, Super Wallet, Reach Cash, Live Cash, Best Paisa, Loan Cube, Rupee Smart Etc.
Fake Quick Loan AppHandy Loan, Golden Man Payback, Mi Rupay, RupeeKing, Loan Go, Bharat Cash, Loan Home Small, Cash Mine, Easy Credit, Crazy Cash Etc.
Registered Rbi App ListNavi, Credit Bee, Cashe, Money View, True Bay, M Pocket Etc.

Things to keep in mind related to Fake Loan App

The Illusion Of Fake Loan App Has Become So Much That More Than A Thousand Fake Loan App Are Sent On The Internet, Through Messages On Social Sites. Fake Messages And Links Are Sent To The Phone And Forced To Download.

 Confusion Is Created By Talking About Loan Offers, Low Interest Rates, Easy Installments, No Security, Less Documents So That People Are Attracted To Give Money. The Number Of Fake Loan App In India Is More Than 600 Which Cheat People. There Are A Few Things To Keep In Mind To Avoid Such Apps:

  • Avoid Taking Loan From Fake Loan App. Such Apps Cannot Be Recovered. They Harass By Getting Data From The Contact List Of The Phone.
  • Before Getting Loan From Any Such App, Take Information Whether That App Is Recognized By RBI Or Not.
  • Many Apps Provide Loan Facility In Association With NBFC. In Such A Situation, Complete Information About That App Should Be Taken.
  • If You Download The Loan App From Google Play Store, Then First You Should Check Its Review And Get Complete Information.
  • On Downloading The Loan App, A Notice Appears To Share Information About Messages, Contacts, Media, Do Not Accept It.

Registered RBI Online Loan App List

Due To The Need Of Money, People Apply For Online Loans. In Such A Situation, The Number Of Fake Loan App Has Increased Which Cheats. Many Loan Apps Of RBI Are Registered And Reliable. They Are :

  • Cash Bean App That Gives Personal Loan.
  • Mi Credit App For Instant Loan .
  • Kredit Bee Instant Loan App.
  • Cashe App For Personal Loan .
  • Quick Loan Home Credit Loan Personal App.
  • Kissht Which Gives Quick Loan.
  • Money View Personal Loan App
  • True Balance App To Give Instant Loan .
  • Dhani App Providing Personal Loan And Quick Loan To Student .
  • Quick Loan Navi App Etc.
  • If You Want A Loan, You Will Get It From Paytm Loan App.

Ways to avoid Fake Loan App

  • Fake Loan Apps Demand More Money Through Processing Charges In The Name Of Advance, While Genuine Apps Do Nothing Like This. So Know How To Avoid Such Fake Loan App –
  • If Any Message Related To Loan Comes In The Phone In Which A Link Has Been Sent, Never Click On It.
  • Do Not Pay Attention To Any Loan Related Message Coming From Unknown Source In The Phone.
  • If Any Information Related To Bank Statement And Account Should Not Be Shared Through The Message In The Phone.
  • Such Messages Come From Any Number, Block Them So That Fraud Cannot Be Done.
  • Contact The Police If You Get A Fake Message Or Call Related To The Loan.
  • If You Get A Call From A Fake Number In The Name Of Loan, Then Block That Number And Complain To The Cyber Cell.

Measures to prevent fraud of online Fake Loan App

  • Avoid Downloading Fake Loan App.
  • Do Not Take Any Step Without Getting Proper Information By Falling In The Affair Of Low Loan Or Quick Loan, But Get Information Personally From Any Registered Bank Or Institution Giving Loan.
  • Do Not Share Your Personal Documents With Any Unknown Number Or Person.
  • If You Suspect Any Kind Of Online Fraud, Take Cyber Help.

FAQs: Fake Loan Apps List In India

Do Fake Loan Apps Ask For Personal Bank Information?

Yes, Fake Loan App Asks For Personal Bank Related Information.

Are Loan Related Messages And Links On The Phone Secure?

The Messages And Links Received On The Phone Related To The Loan Are Not Secure.

Is It Necessary To Get Complete Information Before Taking A Loan?

Yes, It Is Necessary To Get Complete Information Before Taking A Loan So That Fraud Can Be Avoided.

Conclusion – RBI Banned Fake Loan Apps

So Friends, In This Post We Have Shared You ( Reserved Bank Of India) Fake Loan Apps List , Hope This Information Will Be Useful For You And You Will Also Share It With Friends.

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