101+ Short Moral Stories for Kids – Inspirational

Good Short Moral Stories for Kids

Short stories with moral for Kids 2022: Whenever stories are mentioned, children are also mentioned, because stories are mainly liked by children. These stories are the medium through which they definitely get new inspiration and at the same time learn to live life in the right way.

So that it helps in making a better person in the future. Really these tiny and big Moral Stories are very inspirational for all children. At the same time, there is always some lesson in them in the end. That’s why everyone always likes stories, be it small or big.

You will find a lot of variation in the stories of these children as well. I mean to say that the writers of these stories write many different types of stories for children, like the story of the king and queen, the story of animals, the story of ghosts, the story of birds, and many more.

Often you must have heard your elders saying that in their time they were told these stories were narrated to them by their grandmother, grandmother, or elders of the family at bedtime. But with time everything has started changing.

Now you will rarely see children going to the village and they spend more time on their mobile or computer, in such a way they do not get the pleasure of listening to the story which the earlier people would have experienced. We are sorry that you have to be deprived of this happiness. But yes, it will be our endeavor that you too get a chance to tell all the same stories.

Then without further delay let’s enjoy all those stories which are sure to give you lots of fun.

Short Stories for Kids (2023)

Today I have presented this article “Short Inspirational Stories” for you people only to make children aware of these best Short Stories. These stories are for people of all age groups but are specially written for children.

If you also want to listen to such unique and interesting stories with your children, then you can definitely read those stories from here. So without delay let’s listen to a wonderful story.

1. Story of the Lion and the Mouse: Short Story With Moral

Once upon a time when a lion was sleeping in the forest, a mouse started jumping in its body for its entertainment. Due to this, the lion’s sleep got disturbed and he got up and also got angry.

Whereas, as soon as he happened to eat the mouse, the mouse requested him to free him and he swore to him that if he ever needed it, he would definitely come to the lion’s help. Seeing the courage of the mouse, the lion laughed a lot and let him go.

One day after a few months, some hunters came to the forest to hunt and caught the lion in their net. At the same time, he also tied him to a tree. In such a situation, the troubled lion tried a lot to free himself but could not do anything. In such a situation, he started roaring loudly.

His roar was heard far and wide. While the rat was passing through the nearby road and when it heard the lion’s roar, it realized that the lion was in trouble. As soon as the mouse reached the lion, he immediately started gnawing the trap with his sharp teeth and due to which the lion became free in some time and thanked the mouse. Later both went towards the forest together.

Moral & Learning Of Story

We get to learn from this story that work done with a generous heart always bears fruit.

2. The Story of the Greedy Lion: Short Stories for Kids

On a hot summer day, a lion in the jungle felt very hungry. That’s why he started searching for food here and there. After searching for some time, he found a rabbit, but instead of eating it, he left it because he found it too small.

Then after searching for some time, he found a deer on the way, he followed it but since he was searching for a lot of food, he was tired, due to which he could not catch the deer.

Now when he did not get anything to eat then he thought back to eating that rabbit. When he came back to the same place, he did not find any rabbit there because he had left there. Now the lion became very sad and had to remain hungry for many days.

Moral & Learning Of Story

We get to learn from this story that excessive greed is never fruitful.

3. The Story of the Needle Tree: Short Stories with Moral

Two brothers used to live near a forest. The elder brother among these two used to behave very badly with the younger brother. Like he used to eat all the food of the younger brother everyday and also used to wear new clothes of the younger brother himself.

One day the elder brother decided that he would go to the nearby forest to get some wood which he would later sell in the market for some money.

As he went into the forest, he cut down many trees, then while cutting down one tree after another, he stumbled upon a magical tree.

In this the tree said, oh kind sir, please don’t cut my branches. If you leave me then, I will give you a golden apple. He agreed at that time, but greed awakened in his mind. He threatened the tree that if it did not give him more apples, he would cut off the whole trunk.

In such a situation, the magical tree, instead of giving apples to the elder brother, showered hundreds of needles on him. Due to this, the elder brother started crying lying on the ground due to pain.

Now the day started setting slowly, while the younger brother started getting worried. So he went to the forest in search of his elder brother. He found the elder brother lying in pain near that tree, whose body was pierced with hundreds of needles. He felt pity, he reached to his brother, slowly removed every needle with love.

The elder brother was watching all these things and he was getting angry with himself. Now the elder brother apologizes to the younger brother for ill-treating him and promises to be better. The tree saw the change in the elder brother’s heart and gave him all the golden apples he would need later.

Moral & Learning Of Story

This story teaches us that one should always be kind and decent, because such people are always rewarded.

4. The Story of the Woodcutter and the Golden Axe: Moral Stories in Short

Once upon a time there lived a woodcutter near the forest. He used to collect wood in the forest and sell them in the nearby market for some money.

Once upon a time he was cutting a tree, when it happened that by mistake his ax fell into a nearby river. The river was very deep and flowing really fast – he tried hard to find his ax but he could not find it there. Now he felt that he had lost the axe, while being sad, he started crying sitting on the bank of the river.

Hearing his cry, the God of the river got up and asked the woodcutter what happened. The woodcutter told him his sad story. The God of the river took pity on the woodcutter and offered to help him after seeing his hard work and honesty.

He disappeared into the river and brought back a golden axe, but the woodcutter said it was not his. He disappeared again and this time he came back with a silver axe, but this time also the woodcutter said that this ax is not his too.

Now the river god again disappeared in the water and this time he came back with an iron axe. Seeing the wooden axe, the woodcutter smiled and said that it was his axe.

Impressed by the honesty of the woodcutter, the river god presented him with both gold and silver axes.

Moral & Learning Of Story

This story teaches us that honesty is the best policy.

5. The Story of the Elephant and His Friends: Short Moral Stories for Class 1

A long time ago, a lonely elephant came to settle in a strange forest.. The forest was new to him, and he was looking to make friends.

He first approached a monkey and said, “Namaste, monkey brother! would you like to be my friend? The monkey said, you cannot swing like me because you are too big, so I cannot be your friend.

After this the elephant went to a rabbit and asked the same question. The rabbit said, you are too big to fit in my bill, so I cannot be your friend.

Then the elephant went to the frog living in the pond and asked the same question. The frog replied to him, you are too heavy to jump as high as me, so I cannot be your friend. Now the elephant was really sad because he could not make friends despite many efforts.

Then, one day, seeing all the animals running hither and thither in the jungle, the elephant asked a running bear what was the reason behind this fuss.

The lion of the jungle is out hunting – said the bear – they are running to save themselves from him. In such a situation, the elephant went to the lion and said that please do not hurt these innocent people. Please leave them alone.

The lion made fun of him and asked the elephant to move aside. Then the elephant got angry and pushed the lion with all his might, which injured him and ran away.

Now all the other animals slowly came out and started rejoicing over the defeat of the lion. They went to the elephant and said to him, “You are just the right size to be our friend!”

Moral & Learning Of Story

This story teaches us that the size of a person does not determine their worth.

. Story of Potatoes, Eggs and Coffee Beans: Small Moral Stories

There was a boy named John and he was very sad. His father found him crying. 

When his father asked John why he was crying, he said that he had too many problems in his life. Her father just smiled and asked her to bring him a potato, an egg and some coffee beans. He put them in three bowls.

He then asked John to feel their texture and then instructed him to fill each bowl with water. 

John did as he was told. His father again boiled all the three bowls.

Once the bowls had cooled, John’s father asked him to feel the texture of the different foods again.

John noticed that the potato had become soft and its skin peeled off easily; The egg had become hard and tough; Whereas the coffee beans had completely transformed and filled the bowl of water with aroma and taste.

Moral & Learning Of Story

This story teaches us that there will always be problems and pressures in life, like boiling water in a story. How you react to these problems is what matters most!

7. Story of Two Frogs  : Short Animal Stories

Once a group of frogs were roaming in the forest in search of water. Suddenly, two frogs in the group accidentally fall into a deep pit.

The other frogs in the party were worried for their friends in the pit. Seeing how deep the pit was, he told the two frogs that there was no way to escape from the deep pit and that there was no point in trying.

They kept discouraging them because two frogs were trying to jump out of the pit. No matter how much they both try but they are not quite successful.

Soon, one of the two frogs started believing the other frogs – that they would never escape the pit and eventually gave up and died.

The other frog keeps on trying and finally jumps high enough to escape the pit. The other frogs were shocked at this and wondered how he did it.

The difference was that the other frog was deaf and could not hear the group’s discouragement. He thought they were cheering him on and encouraging him to jump!

Moral & Learning Of Story

We learn from this story that the opinion of others will affect you only when you believe in it, it is better that you believe in yourself more, and success will kiss your feet.

8. Story of the  silly donkey: Simple Short Motivation Stories

A salt seller used to go to the market every day carrying a bag of salt on his donkey.

On the way they had to cross a river. One day while crossing the river, the donkey suddenly fell into the river and the bag of salt also fell into the water. Since the bag full of salt got dissolved in water and hence the bag became very light to carry. 

Because of this the donkey was very happy. Now again the donkey started doing the same trick every day, due to which the seller of salt would have to bear a lot of loss.

The salt seller understood the trick of the donkey and decided to teach him a lesson. The next day he loaded a bag full of cotton on the donkey.

Now the donkey did the same trick again. He hoped that the cotton bag would still be lighter.

But the wet cotton became too heavy to carry and the donkey suffered. He learned a lesson from this. After that day he did not play any tricks and the salt seller was happy.

Moral & Learning Of Story

This story teaches us that luck does not always support us, we should always use our intelligence as well.

9. Story of an old man: Very Short Motivation Story

An old man lived in the village. He was one of the most unlucky people in the world. The whole village was tired of his antics.

Because he was always sad, he complained constantly and was always in a bad mood.

The longer he lived, the more he grieved and the more poisonous his words were. People avoided him because his bad luck became contagious.

Whoever met him would have an inauspicious day. It was unnatural and even humiliating to be happy next to him.

Being so sad, he created a feeling of sadness in others.

But one day, when he turned eighty, an incredible thing happened. This thing spread among the people like today.  

“ The old man was happy today, he was not complaining about anything, in fact he was smiling for the first time, and even his face looked fresher.”

Seeing this, the whole village gathered in front of his house. And everyone asked the old man: what happened to you?

In response the old man said: “Nothing special. For eighty years I’ve been chasing happiness, and it was futile, I never found happiness. And then I decided to live without happiness and enjoy life. So I am happy now.” 

Moral & Learning Of Story

This story teaches us not to chase happiness. enjoy life

10. Story of an Obstacle in the Way: Short Moral Story for Adults

Once upon a time, a king intentionally placed a huge rock in the middle of the road. There he hid in a big bush nearby. He wanted to see who finally removes that rock from the way. 

Many people started coming and going through that path but no one thought it right to remove that rock. Even many ministers and rich businessmen of the king’s court also passed through that way, but no one thought it right to remove him. On the contrary, they held the king responsible for this obstacle.

Many people loudly accused the king of not keeping the roads clear, but none of them did anything to remove the stone from the way.

Then a farmer came with a load of vegetables. On reaching the boulder (rock) the farmer put down his burden and tried to push the stone out of the road. After a lot of effort, he finally got success.

When the farmer went back to collect his vegetables, he saw a purse lying on the road where the stone had been.

The purse contained several gold coins and a note from the king stating that the gold was for the person who removed the rock from the road.

Moral & Learning Of Story

The lesson we learn from this story is that every obstacle we face in life gives us an opportunity to improve our circumstances and while the lazy complain, others create opportunities through their kind hearts, generosity, and willingness to work. Let’s do it.

1 1 . Story of the Fox and the Grapes: Good Short Moral Stories

Long time ago, once in a forest a fox was very hungry. He searched the whole forest but he could not find anything to eat anywhere. Even after searching so hard, he could not find anything that he could eat.

Finally, as his stomach rumbled, he crashed into a farmer’s wall. Reaching the top of the wall, he saw before him many large, juicy grapes. All those grapes were very fresh and beautiful in appearance. It seemed to the fox that they were ready to eat.

To reach the grapes, the fox had to jump high in the air. As he jumped, he opened his mouth to catch the grapes, but missed. The fox tried again but missed again.

He tried a few more times but failed .

In the end, the fox decided that he could not try any longer and should go home. When he left, he muttered to himself, “I bet the grapes were sour anyway.”

Moral & Learning Of Story

We learn from this story that never despise what we do not have; Nothing comes easy.

12 . The story of the cocky rose: Cute Inspirational Short Moral Stories

Once upon a time, far away in a desert, there was a rose plant that was very proud of its beautiful form. Her only complaint was that it was growing next to an ugly cactus.

Every day, the beautiful rose insulted the cactus and made fun of him on his looks, while the cactus remained silent. All the other plants around tried to pacify the rose, but she was too preoccupied with her own form.

A scorching heat, the desert dried up, and there was no water left for the plants. The rose started withering quickly. Its beautiful petals dried up, lost their juicy color.

One afternoon, Gulab happened upon the sight of a sparrow dipping its beak into a cactus to drink some water. Seeing this, there was some hesitation in Gulab’s mind. 

Though ashamed, the rose asked the cactus if she could have some water. In response to this, the kind cactus readily agreed. While Gulab realized his mistake, they helped each other to get through this tough summer.

Moral & Learning Of Story

We get to learn from this story that never judge anyone by the way they look.

13. Counting of Crows: Akbar Birbal Short Moral Stories

Once upon a time, Akbar Maharaj asked a strange question in his meeting, due to which the people of the whole meeting were surprised. As they were all trying to find out the answer, Birbal came in and asked what was the matter. 

He repeated the question to her. The question was, ” How many crows are there in the city? “,

Birbal immediately smiled and went to Akbar. He announced the answer; His answer was that there are twenty one thousand five hundred twenty three crows in the city. When asked how he knew the answer, Birbal replied, “Ask your men to count the number of crows.

If more are found, then the relatives of the crows will be coming to them from nearby cities. If there are less, then the crows of our city must have gone to their relatives living outside the city. 

Hearing this answer, the king was very satisfied. Pleased with this answer, Akbar presented a ruby ​​and pearl chain to Birbal. There he praised Birbal’s intelligence a lot.

Moral & Learning Of Story

We learn from this story that having the right explanation in your answer is as important as having the right answer.

1 4. Story of greedy man: Motivational Short Moral Stories

Once upon a time there lived a greedy man in a small town. He was very rich, but in spite of this there was no end to his greed. He was very fond of gold and valuables. 

But one thing was for sure, he loved his daughter more than anything. One day an angel appeared to him. When he came near it, he saw that the fairy’s hair was stuck in some branches of the tree. 

He helped her and the angel was freed from those branches. But as his greed took over, he realized that he could easily become rich by asking for a wish in return for this help (by helping her). 

Hearing this, the fairy also gave him a chance to fulfill a wish. In such a situation, the greedy man said, “May everything I touch become gold.” In return, this wish was also fulfilled by that angel. 

When his wish was granted, the greedy man ran home to tell his wife and daughter about his wish. He used to touch stones and pebbles all the time and see them turning into gold, seeing which he was also very happy.  

As soon as he reached home, his daughter ran to greet him . As he bent down to take her in his arms, she turned into a golden statue. Seeing this whole incident in front of him, he realized his mistake.

He started crying loudly and tried to bring his daughter back. He tried hard to find Pari but he could not find her anywhere. He realized his folly, but it was too late.

Moral & Learning Of Story

This story teaches us that greed always leads to downfall. Greed more than necessary always brings us sorrow.

1 5. The story of the fox and the stork: Inspirational Short Moral Stories

One day, a selfish fox invited a stork for dinner. The stork was very happy with the invitation because he was very fond of eating. She reached the fox’s house in time and knocked on the door with her long beak. 

The fox invited him to the house and asked him to come inside. Then she took him to the dining table and served some soup in shallow bowls for both of them. Since the bowl was too shallow for the stork, it could not drink the soup at all. But, the fox quickly licked his soup.

The stork was angry and upset, but did not show his anger and behaved politely. There he made a plan in his mind, to teach the fox a lesson. 

He then invited the fox for dinner the very next day. When the fox came to his house, he again served soup, but this time served the soup in two tall narrow vases. The stork ate the soup from his vase, but the fox could not drink any of it because of its narrow neck. 

Now seeing all this, the fox realized his mistake and went home hungry.

Moral & Learning Of Story

This story teaches us that a selfish act sooner or later backfires.

16. The Story of the Crystal Ball: Short Moral Stories For Class 2

It was a long time ago. Once a small boy Ram was playing in his garden. He found a crystal ball behind a banyan tree in his garden. The tree told him that it was a magic crystal ball that would grant his wish. 

He was very happy to hear this and thought a lot, but unfortunately, he could not find anything that he could ask for from that crystal ball. So, he put the crystal ball in his bag and waited until he decided on his wish.

Many days passed while thinking like this, but he still could not understand what he asked for in the end. One day his friend sees him with that crystal ball. While there he stole that crystal ball from Ram and showed it to all the people of the village.

They all asked for palaces and riches and lots of gold for themselves, but all of them could not even make more than one wish. In the end, everyone was upset because they didn’t get everything they wanted. 

They all felt very sad and decided to ask Rama for help. After listening to his words, Ram wanted to ask for a wish, while Ram asked for his wish that everything should be as before. Before this all the things of the villagers who had tried to fulfill their greed disappeared.

That is, the palace and the gold they asked for disappeared and the villagers became happy and satisfied once again. In the end everyone thanked Ram for his wisdom.

Moral & Learning Of Story

This story teaches us that money and wealth do not always bring happiness.

17. The Story of the Ant and the Pigeon: Short Moral Stories for Class 3

In the hot summer days, an ant was roaming here and there in search of water. After wandering for some time, he saw a river and was happy to see it. She climbed a small rock to drink water, but she slipped and fell into the river. 

When she was drowning, a pigeon saw her. The pigeon who was sitting on a nearby tree helped him. Seeing the ant in trouble, the pigeon quickly dropped a leaf into the water. 

The ant moved towards the leaf and climbed on it. Then the pigeon carefully took out the leaf and placed it on the ground. In this way the ant’s life was saved and it was forever indebted to the pigeon.

After this incident the ant and the pigeon became best friends and lived happily ever after. But one day a hunter came in the forest. He saw the beautiful pigeon sitting on the tree and aimed his gun at the pigeon. 

All this was being watched by the ant who was saved by the pigeon. Seeing this, the ant bit the hunter on the heel, which made him cry out in pain and drop the gun from his hand. The dove was startled by the hunter’s voice and realized what could happen to him. He flew out of there to save his life!

When the hunter left, the pigeon came there to the ant and thanked him for saving his life. In this way both the friends came to the aid of each other in times of trouble. 

Moral & Learning Of Story

We get to learn from this story that good work never goes waste, when the time comes, it definitely bears fruit.

18. Story of the Ant and the Elephant: Short Moral Stories for Class 4

Long time ago, there was once a proud elephant in a forest who was always threatening the smaller animals and making their lives miserable. That’s why all the little animals were upset with him. Once upon a time he went to an anthill near his house and sprinkled water on the ants.

When this happened, all those ants started crying about their size. Because that elephant was much bigger than her and hence she could not do anything.

The elephant just laughed and threatened the ants that he would crush them to death. In such a situation, the ants left there quietly. Then one day, the ants called a meeting and they decided to teach the elephant a lesson. As per their plan, when the elephant came near them, they directly entered the trunk of the elephant and started biting it.

From this the elephant could only moan in pain. Because the ants were so small that their elephant could not do anything. Also, being inside his proboscis, he could not do anything even if he wanted to. Now he realized his mistake and apologized to the ants and all the animals he had threatened.

Seeing his suffering, the ants also felt pity and left him.

Moral & Learning Of Story

This story teaches us to be humble and treat everyone with kindness. If you feel that you are stronger than others, then use your strength to protect them instead of harming them.

19. The Story of the Dog and the Bone: Short Moral Stories for Class 5

Long time ago, there was once a dog who roamed the streets day and night in search of food.

One day, he found a large succulent bone and immediately caught it in the middle of his mouth and carried it towards the house. On the way home, he had to cross a river. There he noticed that another dog was looking in the same direction as him, which also had a bone in its mouth.

This created greed in the mind of this dog and he wanted that bone for himself. But as soon as he opened his mouth, the bone he was biting fell into the river and drowned. This happened because the other dog was none other than his own shadow, which he could see in the water. Now that the bone in his mouth had fallen in the water, he remained hungry that night and went to his home.

Moral & Learning Of Story

This story teaches us that if we are always jealous of others, then we will have to learn a lesson like a greedy dog, while we will also lose what we already have.

20. The Story of the Liar Boy and the Wolf: Short Moral Stories for Class 6

Once upon a time, there lived a village boy who was bored with watching the village sheep grazing on a nearby hill. To entertain himself, he shouted, “Wolf! wolf! The wolf is chasing the sheep!”

When the villagers heard his screams, they came running up the hill to drive the wolf away. But, when they arrived, they saw no wolf. The boy was happy to see their angry faces. He was glad to see this.

All the villagers warned the boy “Don’t cry wolf wolf, boy,” “When there is no wolf!” After this they all went back from the hill in anger.

To his amusement, later once again, the shepherd boy shouted again, “Wolf! wolf! The wolf is chasing the sheep!”, he saw the villagers running up the hill to scare the wolf away. Seeing this, he started feeling happy again.

When he saw that there was no wolf, he sternly told the boy that he should not call them when there was no wolf. Only when the wolf comes should they call him. When the villagers were going down the hill, the boy smiled in his heart.

Later, the boy saw a real wolf coming towards his flock. Panicked, he jumped to his feet and shouted as loudly as he could, “Wolf! wolf!” But the villagers this time thought that he was fooling them again, and so they did not come to help.

At sunset, the villagers went in search of the boy who had not returned with his sheep. When they went to the hill, they found her crying.

“There really was a wolf here! The herd is gone! I shouted, ‘Wolf!’ But you didn’t come,” he shouted, all this while crying. 

Now an old man went to console the boy. As he put his hand on her back, he said, “No one believes a liar, even if he is telling the truth!” Now that boy regretted his mistake. 

Moral & Learning Of Story

The lesson we learn from this story is that lies break trust – even if you are telling the truth, no one believes a lie. That’s why one should always speak the truth.

21. Story of Tenali Rama and the gang of thieves: Short Moral Stories For Class 7

A long time ago, there used to be a kingdom named Vijayanagara in the south of India. The king of that state used to be Krishnadevaraya. There was also a minister named Tenali Rama in his court. 

There have been many incidents of theft in Vijayanagar in those days. King Krishnadevaraya was worried about thieves. Everyone in the court including Tenali Rama looked worried! That evening when he (Tenali Rama) came back to his house from the court, he saw two figures hiding behind the big mango tree near the well in his garden.

Now he had come to know very well that these thieves are not from anywhere else but there. He thought of teaching the right lesson to those thieves. After reaching home, he started talking loudly with his wife, so that those thieves could hear their words. 

What he was saying to his wife: “… it is not safe to keep our jewelry at home. Please fill our iron trunk with your jewels and they will drop them down the well for safekeeping!”

Hearing these things the robbers chuckled at the idea of ​​a fool’s plan. He felt that this Tenali Rama was such a foolish person. And then Tenali Rama whispered to his wife that the thieves were hiding in the garden. While there he asks to fill the trunk with stones and utensils.

Once the trunk was full, Tenali Rama and his wife dragged the trunk down the well. “It will be safe here!” he said loudly to his wife.

Both the thieves were waiting for the people in the house to sleep. He had a plan! Each robber started drawing water from the well in turn.

His enthusiasm soon turned to fatigue and he decided to take a break. Yet someone nearby said: “That’s it! The garden is watered, you have done a good job for the day! Now I will not need to water the garden”. 

When the robbers looked here and there, they saw Tenali Rama holding a shovel and a stick behind him. They were shocked to see her, they got up and ran away! After some time, the people of Vijayanagar did not complain of any plunder.

Moral & Learning Of Story

We learn from this story that it is better to remain calm and find a solution to any problem in any odd situation.

22. The Story of the  Milkmaid and Her Dream: Short Moral Stories for Class 8

The Milkman and Her Dreams is a unique story that teaches children not to daydream. Once upon a time, there lived a milkmaid named Kamla in a village. She used to earn money by selling the milk of her cows so that she could survive. 

Once upon a time, she milked her cow and went out to sell milk in the market with two buckets of milk brought on a stick. As she was going to the market, she daydreamed about what she would do with the money she got for milk.

She started thinking many things in her mind. He thought of buying a chicken and selling its eggs. Then with that money she started dreaming of buying a cake, a basket of strawberries, a fancy dress and even a new house. Thus he planned to become rich in a short time. 

In her excitement, she forgot about the two buckets she was carrying and started dropping them. Suddenly, he felt the milk falling down and when he checked his buckets, they were empty. Seeing this, she started crying and felt remorse for her mistake.

Moral & Learning Of Story

The lesson we learned from this story is that it is important to focus on the process of achieving success, not just success.

23. The Story of the Golden Swan: Short Moral Stories for Class 9 

This is one of the moral stories for kids from the Jataka tales, which talk about greed! Long time ago there lived a swan in a lake, which was very special. He had beautiful golden wings. There lived an old woman with her daughters near the lake. 

He remained poor even after working very hard. One day, Hans thought: Maybe I should give away one golden feather every day so that these women can sell it and have enough money to live on.

The next day the swan went to the old woman. Seeing him, the old woman said, “I have nothing to give you!” But on saying this the swan said, “But, I have something for you!” And explained what she can do! 

The old woman and her daughters had gone to the market to sell the golden feather. That day, they came back happy with enough money in hand.

Hans used to help the old lady and her daughters day by day. The daughters loved to play with the bird and take care of it on rainy and cold days! As time passed, the old lady became more and more greedy! How can a feather help him? “When the swan arrives by tomorrow, we must pluck all its feathers!” He told his daughters. 

On hearing such a thing, they refused to help him in this. The next day the old lady waited for the swan to come. As the bird approached, it grabbed its forelimbs and began plucking its wings. 

As soon as he broke them, the feathers turned white. The old woman cried and let the swan go. To this the swan said, “You have become greedy! When you broke my golden wings against my will, they turned white! 

Having said this, the swan flew away in anger and was never seen again!

Moral & Learning Of Story

We learn from this story that excessive greed causes a lot of harm. It is good not to steal from others or wish for others for selfish purposes.

24. Story of  Circus Elephants: Short Moral Stories For Class 10

It is a matter of a long time ago. There used to be a very big circus. In this circus, many animals used to do many types of stunts. 

At the same time, there used to be a herd of elephants who used to entertain people with many tricks. Once in that circus five elephants performed circus tricks. At the same time, after the feat was over, he was kept tied with a weak rope, from which he could have easily escaped, but he never left. 

One day a man visiting the circus asked the ringmaster: “ Why didn’t these elephants break the rope and run away? To this question, the ringmaster replied: “When they were young, these elephants were tied with a thin rope, but being small, they could not get rid of that rope no matter how hard they tried.

Gradually, his efforts decreased and he accepted in his mind that he cannot run away by releasing these ropes. And the elephants were made to believe that they were not strong enough to break the ropes and run away. 

So when they grow up, they are easily tied with the same rope. Because of this belief of those people, they did not even try to break the ropes. But if seen, he can easily break all these ropes in a single moment, but he does not do so.

Moral & Learning Of Story

This story teaches us that we should not bow down to the norms of society. At the same time, we must believe that we can achieve everything we want!

25. The Story of the  Devil Cat and the Rats: Short Moral Stories For Class 1 With Pictures

A long time ago, a devil cat always troubled many mice. In such a situation, all the rats thought of finding a solution to this problem. There once all the rats gathered to discuss their biggest issue!

This devil cat who is chasing rats and catching and eating them! ” It’s chaos !” said a mouse angrily.

“We need to find a solution that can warn us when the cat is coming!” Said another.

In such a situation, a worried mouse said, “Can we decide the solution of this problem a little soon, otherwise the cat can see us here too”. At this, an old mouse raised its paw and said: “Let’s find a quick solution!”

The rats soon began discussing ideas. Several rats offered their different opinions. One said “We’ll have a watchtower to warn us!”

And another said, “We must all go in groups to avoid being eaten by the cat!” Then another mouse in their midst suggested, “I have an idea”, ” Let’s bell the cat ! “

So when the cat walks around, the bell around its neck will sound too, alerting us to its presence!” All the rats agreed with this suggestion.
It was the best idea, said all the rats in unison! “Ok! So, who’s going to bell the cat?” asked the old mouse.

When asked like this there was silence. Soon, one by one, all the rats fled silently. In the end only the old mouse remained.

Moral & Learning Of Story

We learn from this story that it is okay to give a solution or to have an idea, but it is the action that defines that solution or idea.

26. The Story of the Golden Touch of  Midas: Short Moral Stories For Class 2 With Pictures

A long time ago there lived a king named Midas in Greece. He was extremely wealthy and had all the gold he could ever need. 

He also had a daughter whom he loved very much. One day, Midas saw an angel who was trapped and in trouble. Midas helped the angel and in return asked to grant his wish. 

The angel agreed to this, he also fulfilled Midas’ wish. In fact Midas wanted whatever he touched to turn into gold. 

His wish was fulfilled by the angel. Midas was very happy with this. Overjoyed Midas was returning to his wife and daughter, touching pebbles, rocks and plants along the way, which turned into gold. 

Seeing this, Midas was convinced that things turn into gold just by his touch. When he reached home, his daughter came running to him, while as soon as his daughter hugged him, he turned into a golden idol. 

As soon as this happened, Midas realized his mistake. Having learned his lesson, Midas begged the angel to reverse the spell that cast it. He wanted everything to go back to its original state. He doesn’t want anything that will keep him away from his family. But what had happened now could not be changed.

Moral & Learning Of Story

This story teaches us to be content and grateful for what you have. Greed will get you nowhere, but will only push you into trouble.

27. Story of three fishes  : Short Moral Stories For Class 3 With Pictures

This is one of those short moral stories from Panchatantra, which teaches children an essential lesson of life.

Three fish lived in a small river. Each fish was of a different color – red , blue and yellow . Still these three fishes used to live in harmony with each other. 

One day, the blue fish was swimming near the shore and heard the words of the fishermen. “One fisherman was telling another that it is time to fish in the river. The fish in the river must be swimming here for plenty of food! Let’s go fishing tomorrow!”

The worried blue fish swam as quickly as possible to its other two friends. Reaching them he said to them, “Listen! I just heard the fishermen talking. They are planning to go fishing in this river tomorrow. We must swim safely down the river for tomorrow!” 

At this the red fish said, “ Oh, it is all right! They won’t catch me because I’m too quick for them. Besides, we have all the food we need here !” 

On hearing the red fish, the blue fish said, “But, we must move away from here to a safer place, just for a day!” Now listening to the words of the blue fish, the yellow fish said, “I agree with the blue fish. Granted this is our home, but we definitely need to be safe!” 

These two fish tried to explain to their friends but no one believed their words. As soon as the next morning dawned, the fishermen cast their nets and caught as many fish as they could. Some of them were green, some were orange, some were white, some were multicolored and one of them was a red fish! 

On this the fishermen talked among themselves, ” Best catch !” After long days Far away all these things both friends were watching yellow fish and blue fish, they were very sad that their friend ” red fish ” was also caught by the fishermen in their net.

Moral & Learning Of Story

The lesson we learn from this story is that when someone warns you about a problem, it is important to listen wisely and act on it. prevention is better than cure!

28. The story of counting crows  : Akbar Birbal Short Stories For Class 4 With Pictures

This is one of those short moral stories of Akbar Birbal , which teaches children an essential lesson of life.

It is about that time when King Akbar used to rule India. One day he was walking with his courtiers. Maharaj Akbar saw the crows flying in the sky and asked: “Can anyone tell me how many crows are there in the kingdom?” 

At this question, all the courtiers were surprised. “Jahapana! How is it possible to count crows in the kingdom?” A courtier was surprised. “It is impossible,” said another. They all grumbled and nodded at each other. Birbal, standing nearby, saw him and asked Akbar, “Birbal, what do you think?” 

On being asked like this, a courtier smiled and said, “Even Birbal cannot answer this question.

While agreeing to his point, said to the other, “My God!” ” Yeah, that’s why he’s quiet!” Birbal said quietly, “Hmm… Hmm… There will be ninety-five thousand, four hundred and sixty-three crows in our kingdom, Jahanpana.” “How is that even possible? asked all the courtiers.

Akbar was also surprised to hear this answer. Then he asked Birbal, “How sure are you about this answer of yours, Birbal?” 

To this Birbal ji replied, “I have full faith in this answer of mine! Let’s send someone to count the number of crows in the kingdom, Your Excellency! They said. On this answer of Birbal asked the courtier, “Hmm.. what if the number of crows is less?”

“So, that means the crows have gone to visit their relatives in the neighboring states!” Birbal replied to that courtier. Then asked another courtier “But, what if there are more crows than you count?”. “Oh, it means that the crows from the neighboring kingdoms have come to visit their relatives,” said Birbal .

A loud laugh broke out on Maharaj Akbar’s face at such a quick reply. He was now sure that Birbal’s mind was really very sharp.

Moral & Learning Of Story

We learn from this story that if we wish, we can always easily find a solution to any kind of problem. Where there is a will, there is a way.

29. The Story of the Elephant and the Dog: Short Moral Stories for Class 5 With Pictures

Once upon a time, the king’s royal elephant was grazing near a mound of grass, when it heard a hungry sound.

This voice was actually a dog who was eating the leftover food from the mahout’s plate. The keeper of the elephant was not present there. Since the royal elephant grazed alone in that mound every day, it did not matter to him if the dog ate or napped.

Soon, they both became good friends and started playing. On this matter, even the mahout had no objection. One day a farmer passing by saw the dog and asked the mahout if he could take the dog. 

Since the dog did not belong to the mahout, the mahout immediately agreed and gave the dog to the farmer. Not finding his friend anymore, soon, the royal elephant stopped eating, drinking water or even moving. It didn’t come out of its mound.

Just like that one day the king came to meet his elephant and he saw that his porcupine elephant seems to be very sick, it neither eats nor does anything. Just keeps lying quietly in one place. 

Seeing this, the king called the royal doctor to examine his elephant. The royal doctor examined the elephant and said: “Your Majesty, the royal elephant is physically fine, but it looks as if it has lost a friend!” 

The king immediately summoned the mahout and asked him questions about the earlier events. To this question, the mahout replied, “Oh, there was a dog that used to be here. I gave it to a farmer!” Mahavat replied. 

The king immediately sent one of his guards along with the mahout to bring back the dog. As soon as the dog was brought to the mound, the elephant sat down to look at his little friend and squealed with joy. From that day the elephant and the dog became even closer friends. Their friendship also became deeper.

Moral & Learning Of Story

This story teaches us that friends come in all sizes. When you make an unconditional friendship, it lasts forever.

30. Story of Sparrow, Rat and a Hunter: Short Moral Stories For Class 6 With Pictures

It is a matter of many days, once a flock of sparrows was flying in search of food in a forest. Then his eyes fell on a nearby field full of grains.

Soon, all those sparrows flew down to feed and then ate their fill. As they all rose up to fly, they realized it was a trap. His feet were caught in a trap set by a hunter.

While they were struggling to free themselves, they saw the hunter slowly walking towards them. The leader of the sparrows said: “Wait, don’t struggle! just listen to me Let’s fly together and I’ll take us to my friend, the mouse. He will surely free us from this trap.

As soon as the hunter shouted, the sparrows together grabbed the net and flew into the sky.

They flew to the forest where a little mouse lived. Now the leader of the sparrows said, “Fly to that tree, there lives a little friend of mine”. Reaching the tree, all the sparrows called out in unison, “Little mouse, little mouse, please help us!” The little mouse immediately started chewing on the net and soon freed all the sparrows as well.

On doing so, the leader of the sparrows said to his mouse friend , “Thank you dear friend! You saved all of us today. That’s why I thank you on behalf of all the sparrows. Other sparrows also thanked the little mouse.

Moral & Learning Of Story

This story teaches us that we should always face difficulties and never lose hope. Remember, there is strength in unity!

31. The Story of the Singing Donkey: Short Moral Stories For Class 7 With Pictures

Long time ago, a hungry donkey was crying sadly in the nearby forest . After the day’s work, his master had not fed him properly, that’s why he was crying sadly. 

Nearby, a jackal was passing by and saw the hungry donkey. “What happened, Donkey?” He asked. “I am very hungry and I have eaten everything here, yet I am still hungry!” Donkey cried. 

Hearing the sad words of the donkey, the jackal said, “Oh, you know there is a big vegetable garden nearby. You can go there and eat your fill!” 

“Please take me there!” said the donkey. Hearing this, the jackal took the donkey to that garden. Once they reach the vegetable garden, they silently chew fresh vegetables. Then the sound of someone coming near them was heard. Hearing the sound, they both run away. 

From now on, both the animals used to go to the vegetable garden every day and eat their fill. But one day he had bad luck, a farmer saw him and chased him away. 

Both the animals were hungry that day. As night fell, Jackal suggested that they go back to the vegetable garden so that they could have their fill again. 

When night fell, the donkey and the jackal quietly entered the garden and again began to eat their fill. While eating, the donkey thought of something and said, “Oh, such delicious cucumbers and look at the moon! It is so beautiful that I want to sing a song”. 

On hearing this the jackal said, “Not now! You can’t sing from here!” “But, I want to,” said the donkey angrily. The jackal tried to explain to him and said, “The farmer will listen to him, there is a fear of getting caught. When the donkey did not listen to him, he left from there. 

The donkey heaved a sigh and started singing. Not far away, the farmer and his family heard the braying of a donkey. They ran towards the donkey with sticks.

The donkey was soon chased out of the garden after being beaten. “Ow-ow-ow!” He went back crawling the donkey. He came back to the jackal, and narrated the incident.  

Hearing her, the jackal said “You should have waited till we came out of the garden to sing! But you didn’t listen to me at all. Due to which you had to get beaten later on. Come on, you need to rest! 

Never make such a mistake in future, after saying this the jackal went away.

Moral & Learning Of Story

This story teaches us that there is a proper time and place to do anything, you should always take care of the time and place to do things.

How do children listen to a story?

No matter how funny and interesting the story is, yet it depends on the way you tell the story, how much your child is going to like that story. Because everything depends on the way you tell.

If you also follow the tips given below to make your stories more fun.

1. You have to be very creative when you are telling a story to a child. It has often been seen that a personality or character draws a child’s interest towards a story. In such a situation, you can use different types of voices, so that children enjoy listening to the story.

2. If you are telling a story from a book or a picture, then you should keep it in front of the children so that the children also get to know about your story and the picture in the book. In such a situation, they are able to understand the story very well.

3. Once you have finished the story then ask the children questions about that story. Like what education do they get from this and also explain to them about that subject. From this you will also know whether they have understood your story or not.

4. Along with reading the story yourself, encourage your children to repeat it with you . This will inculcate the art of reading within them.

6. Use different times of the day to tell the story. From this you will know at what time your children pay the most attention to listen to the story.

I hope you have liked this “ Short Stories ” article written by me . Along with this, you and your children would have got a lot of learning from it. Such Sikh gives a lot of help to the children to move forward in their life. Makes them aware of the difference between right and wrong.

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