14 thoughts on “SiteGround Hosting Review: Pro’s And Con’s | 15 Shocking Truth Revealed”

  1. Best and helpful Post, Hi Sir,Techno Prokash I am your regular website viewer and user just as your other articles attracts us, your articles help us a lot.Thanks for publishing this article.

  2. But Now Its Cost Has Become Very High, And Every New Beginner Can’t Afford It. That’s Why I Recommend Them To Use Hostinger. Its Premium Plan Is A Perfect Choice For Every Newcomer. You Can Get It For Only $2.89/Month.

    • Yes they did increased their price….

      But hostinger is simply not a good recommendation…..it may be cheap but hv so much issues.

      here is a review bt online media masters

      i dnt recommend a product just to get commission from your readers

      My top suggession for hosting rightnow is namehero greengeeks a2hosting & siteground

  3. I am using Hostinger. It is a good hosting with many new feature. But, my site went offline three times in 2 days because of sever maintenance. Lets see

    • Hostinger is a good hosts but only there 1 ssl only and cloudflare for 1 site is why i hate these guys. Currently also using hostinger. easily was hoslding more than realtime 50….. they just need to avoid these tactics to push you to buy an ssl which every host gives for free now


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