Terms Of Service

Reuse of videos and other digital data posted by codestein has following terms of service to be reused.
1. Any body can reupload my videos to their youtube channel. We will not be giving copyright strikes but person has to share revenue accorning to youtube revenue sharing policy.
2. Do not copy the whole post from https://www.codestein.in and its blog you can add title and a snippet and then also add a reference link to the original post of our webiste.
3. All the data published on our youtube channel, facebook, website and other social media platforms we will have complete copyright on the data so other person can claim its ownership.
4. In future we also reserve the right to change any privacy policy and terms of service and any 3rd person will have no right to claim on us.
5. If new rules are made for publishing then they will be effective from the day of publishing of that document on the website. All media before that date will not be effected.