TRP Full Form: What is TRP, How is TRP Rating Calculated?

TRP Full Form: Television Rating Point . TRP is the most important way to measure the popularity of any channel or TV show. 

Every day there is a discussion in the TV industry about which show or channel’s TRP is on top and whose TRP is absolutely low. The success and failure of that show depends to a great extent on the increase and decrease of TRP of a channel or TV show. 

The incidence or increase of TRP depends on many circumstances, some week a TV program can top the TRP list, then next week it can also be out of the show list. Every week many agencies release a list of TRP ratings and on the basis of those lists, TV channels, investors, viewers, promotional companies, etc., all decide the future plans.

Today in this post we will know what is TRP ?, TRP Full Form , how TRP is decided and what is the effect of TRP on show, channel or audience?

What is TRP? (TRP Full Form)

The full form of TRP is ‘Television Rating Point’. Television rating points are a way to estimate the popularity and viewership of any television program. The average number of people watching a channel or TV show at a given time is calculated with the help of TRP.

If the TRP of a show or channel is high, it means that more people are watching or liking that show. With this, if the TRP of a show is very low, then it means that the number of people watching that show is also less. 

With the help of TRP rating, the people associated with that show and the business people help to know the likes and dislikes of the audience.

How is TRP calculated, what is its process?

There are many methods used to calculate TRP across the world. TRP in India is mainly calculated in two ways. The first way is to use People Meter and the second way is Picture Matching. 

People Meter : The most prominent way to calculate TRP is People Meter. People Meter is an electronic device that is installed at people’s homes from place to place. People meter uses a particular frequency to decide which program or channel is being watched in which house at a particular time. This data is gathered together and then after analysis a weekly or monthly TRP list is released. 

Picture Matching : This is a less popular method. In this, the screen of TV sets running at different places at different times is captured and it is found out which channel or program was being watched on which TV. The show which has the highest number of screen records associated with the show at a particular time has the highest TRP.

BARC (Broadcast Audience Research Council) uses the latest technology to determine channel TRP. BARC adds some audio watermark (a type of invisible code) to the video file of any show. When viewers watch that show and that code appears on their screen then it is entered by BARC’s bar code meter. Later, weekly TRP list is released after analyzing and dividing this data into categories like time, program, language etc.

Who issues TRP rating?

The work of calculating TRP rating is mainly done by INTAM (Indian Television Audience Measurement) and BARC (Broadcast Audience Research Council) agency in India. 

  • INTAM installs people meters at people’s homes and decides the rating of TV programs based on the data received from those meters. 
  • BARC is a leading Indian broadcast research agency that uses new technology like BAR-O meter and Audio Watermark to track the reach of a TV program.   

DART (Doordarshan Audience Research Team) also works to calculate TRP rating. DART mainly works to measure the popularity of Doordarshan’s programs. People associated with this also collect information about which program is being seen in far flung villages.

What is the importance of TRP rating?

TRP rating is issued on the basis of the number of viewers and on this basis the popularity of a show is known. With the help of TRP, the mood of the audience is known that which type of program they like to watch more. This helps the channels to take decisions like creating other programs of the same type or launching new programs. 

With the help of TRP, it also helps advertisers and investors to know which show has more popularity at the moment. The TRP of a show or channel is directly related to the advertisement received by that show. The show whose TRP is high, the number of sponsors received by that show is also high, due to which the earning of that channel also increases.

When more people watch a channel, then the advertisements that come with that show cost more and less people watch the channel with low TRP, then the advertisements received by that show also pay less price.

What is Online TRP? How is this determined?

Nowadays, most TV shows are also shown on online streaming apps and other social media platforms. Online TRP is a way to measure the popularity of any TV program online. For this, the TRP fixing agencies monitor the posts, discussion, hashtags, number of views on online apps, etc. related to TV shows on social media like Twitter, Facebook, etc. and on the same basis the online TRP list is released from time to time. does.

For example, the just-concluded BigBoss 13 became very popular on social media, due to which it remained at number one in online TRP for several weeks.    

What is the importance of TRP to the audience?

Although there is no direct relation of the audience with the TRP of a show. Watching or not watching a show depends on their likes and dislikes, but if the TRP of a show is very high then it means that people are liking it. In this way, by checking the TRP of a show, viewers can find out whether this show can be seen or not.  

In this post, we have given you all the questions related to TRP Rating like TRP Kya Hai? TRP Full Form What is it? How is TRP decided? Who issues TRP rating etc. has responded. If you have any question related to this post, then you can ask by commenting.

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