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Learn What is WordPress and Why Use it


Today we  WordPress is telling us about that should Why WordPress is and we use it. If you are a blogger or website developers then it becomes very important for you to go and those who want to make their career in blogging then WordPress is nothing less than a boon for them.

Why are we saying this, after reading this post completely, you will get to know very well. As you all know that to create any website, we need knowledge of many computer languages. But if we could create our own website without any computer language knowledge then how good would it be?

WordPress does something similar, so it is very easy to create a website on WordPress. WordPress was launched on May 27, 2003 by Matt Mullenweg and Mike Little, the largest website in the world is made with the help of this.

So friends, today we will tell you what is WordPress and why it is a great option to create a website or blog. So friends let’s go ahead.

What is wordpress

WordPress is a content management system (CMS) . Which has been created with the help of MySQL and PHP. And to be installed, a web server is required which we call internet hosting service or network host like hostgator, bluehost, hostinger, SiteGround etc. All these companies provide us web hosting, with the help of which we can install wordpress. .

If you tell in simple words, where and how to place your content in the content management system i.e., how the color of the text should be, what should be in the header and footer, how the popular and recent posts should appear, in this way you do everything. You can manage according to you.

Type of wordpress

Friends, you get to see two types on WordPress. wordpress.com and wordpress.org, seeing which many people get confused and they do not understand on which to make their website or blog.


Here you can create a blog absolutely free. For this you do not need any web hosting and domain. Wordpress.com works in the same way as you create your own blog on Google’s blogger.com.

To create a blog on both blogger.com and wordpress.com, you do not need web hosting and domain, but to work on blogger.com you need computer language and you are given limited features on wordpress.com. Is.

Overall, if you are a new blogger and you want to learn blogging, then you can use both of them. But if you want to make blogging your career then it would be better for you to work on wordpress.org.


Here you can create a professional website or blog. But or it is a paid service because to make a website on it, you have to buy web hosting and domain and only then you can work on it. All the big bloggers, they all work on this. This is what is called wordpress.

Domain is the address of your website or blog like google.com, facebook.com, youtube.com etc.

Web Hosting-
Whatever content you put on your website like blog post, photo and video everything is stored in your web hosting.

If you want success in blogging then this is the best option. This website of ours is also built on this. In this you are given unlimited plugins and themes, which you can change the desgin of the website with one click.

This question comes in the mind of some people that why should we use WordPress which is a paid platform whereas we can create our blog for free on Google’s blogger That’s why we tell you its benefits. Which you will understand very well why we should use wordpress

1. In this you can create a professional website or blog.

2. If you want to make a career in blogging and want to be successful

3. You can work in it without any coding.

4. In this you get unlimited themes, which you can easily change the design of your website and blog in one click.

5. In this you are given unlimited plugins. For example, if you want to give information about your post to your subscriber by email , then all you have to do is install a plugin.

6. WordPress is completely secure.

7. It is SEO friendly which helps in ranking your website in google.

8. Using WordPress is very easy.

What is WordPress Plugin

Perhaps many people have not yet understood what a plugin is and what it does. Actually like if you have created a contact form on google’s blogger then you have to do coding for it.

Because google’s blogger is based on computer language and coding. Without him we cannot do anything on this. But if we can do this work with just one click, then it is called plugin in wordpress.

For example, if we want to run the fan then only have to button on or if we want to run any light then only button on has to be done. And our work is done. Similarly, if we want a contact form on our website, then only one plugin has to be installed.

WordPress themes

Everyone wants to give a professional design to their website. Because the design of our website only tells what type of website is. And it is very easy to make the website professional in WordPress.

In this you are given unlimited themes, by insatll the kind of themes you want, you can customize it according to your need. And you can make your own professional website.

WordPress dashboard

As we told you that wordpress is very easy to use because the developer has designed its interface in such a way that we can easily understand and use it.

You can guess this from the fact that even a person using ms word in the computer can run it easily. Because if you want to create a page in your website or write a post, then you have to click on it and write your post.

Overall, the WordPress dashboard is easy to use. In the beginning, some things have to be understood that which option is said in the dashboard and for this also you do not take much time.

So friends, I hope now you have understood what is WordPress and why should you use it  , this is our first post on WordPress series and you must have found it helpful, so if you like our article then share it with your friends on social media . do share with

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