Write For Us

Your pitch must follow these guidelines to be considered. We will summarily reject any pitch which does not do so.

  1. Send us the topic you want to cover.
  2. Tell us if your list will fall under our Book Rack or Collections section.
  3. Why you are an ‘authority’ on the subject, or why you have chosen to curate the list you are pitching.
  4. Why our audience would be interested in such a list.
  5. A title for your list.
  6. Send us 3 writing samples of your previously published work, preferably lists you have written and curated. In case you have not previously published a piece, you can send us unpublished samples as well. You can include the link or upload the document to Google Drive and share the link. Do not send us Word Docs.
  7. Tell us a little bit about you. We don’t want your resume. We want to know who you are as a person.
  8. Send all this information in a Word file.

SEND YOUR PITCH TO shivam@codestein.in